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Would Pluto's surface look like this?

Spacecraft and Space Missions

It's Always "Pluto Time" Somewhere

Sunlight on Pluto is only a thousandth as strong as it is here on Earth. With careful timing, you can experience what it'd be like to stand on Pluto at noon.

Path of Pluto in 2015 (wide field)

Night Sky Sights

See Pluto in 2015

It’s been a fantastic year for Pluto, and it’s only going to get more so. What better time to make your first (or second!) attempt at spotting the dwarf planet? Read on for a few tips to help you locate this dim object in the summer sky.


Solar System

Pluto's Perplexing Moons

New data on Pluto’s moons show that the system is more bizarre than previously thought.

New Horizons' scientific payload

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Pluto: The Last Picture Show

In his second "insider blog" about the New Horizons mission, principle investigator Alan Stern offers a look at what we might find at Pluto. It sounds like science fiction, but it's not: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is on final approach to the Pluto system! After 112 months in flight, the…

Alan Stern awaits New Horizons's launch

Spacecraft and Space Missions

New Horizons: Navigating to Pluto

In the first of a series of installments written exclusively for Sky & Telescope, New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern offers his behind-the-scenes perspective on what it took to get the spacecraft to Pluto.

pluto and charon

Solar System

Pluto and Charon’s Gravitational Dance

This image series, taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in late January 2015, reveals the dwarf planet Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, orbiting their common center of mass.

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New Horizons Awakens for Pluto Encounter

Right on cue, New Horizons spacecraft has awakened from its final electronic hibernation. Seven months from now, it will make the first-ever visit to Pluto.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

One Year Until New Horizons

New Horizons will reach Pluto a year from today, and the scientific community is abuzz with speculation about what the space probe might see when it gets there. Meanwhile, the New Horizons team scours the skies for a Kuiper Belt Object that New Horizons can visit after its Pluto flyby.