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Solar System

(Unofficially) Naming Pluto

Amidst all the excitement of seeing Pluto’s unique features for the first time, NASA researchers have been using unofficial names to talk science until official terms come down the pipeline.

Astronomy & Observing News

An Inspirational Guide to the Sky

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Stellar Science

Astronomers Spot Unusual Five-Star System

Two binary systems and a fifth stellar wheel make for a rare, and so far unique, set of stars.

Black Holes

A Sleeping Black Hole Awakens

On June 15th a quiet black hole, V404 Cygni, suddenly flared for the first time since 1989.

Solar System

Naming Pluto’s Features

How will planetary scientists decide what to call the features they discover on Pluto and its moons?

Stellar Science

Pulsar System to Put On a Show in 2018

Astronomers are looking forward to 2018, when a young pulsar will pass through its binary star companion’s disk.

Solar System

Glimpsing Pluto’s Curious Equator

Here’s a taste of what New Horizons hopes to resolve when it passes by Pluto next Tuesday, July 14th.

Celestial News & Events

Photos of the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

For the last few weeks, countless numbers of the world’s 7 billion people watched the western evening sky as the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, edged closer and closer to one another. Last night, June 30th, they reached their least separation: 0.3° apart (at the time of twilight for the Americas).

Milky Way

Witnessing Light Echoes from a Neutron Star

X-ray echoes from binary star system Circinus X-1 are helping astronomers measure its distance from Earth.

Solar System

Volcanoes on Venus: Active or Not?

Hotspots on Venus might be researchers’ long-sought evidence for active volcanoes.



Searching for Exoplanet Stratospheres

Researchers identify titanium oxide as a potential molecule at work in exoplanet atmospheres.

Solar System

The Moon’s Mysterious Twilight Dust Clouds

Observations from NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) have rekindled interest in dust clouds seen along the Moon’s day-night terminator.

Stellar Science

A Budding Nebula May Hatch a Butterfly

Super-sharp imaging confirms that the nearby red giant star L2 Puppis is forming a tiny bipolar nebula as it comes to the end of its life.


Between Galaxies: Lonely Supernovae

Researchers confirm that three solitary stars have gone supernovae in intergalactic space.


Solar System

Close-Up of Saturn’s Moon Hyperion

On May 31st, the Cassini spacecraft flew by Saturn’s funky moon Hyperion. The resulting images highlight the moon’s unusually pocked surface.

The Chury Comet

Solar System

New Insights From Rosetta's Comet Mission

Rosetta continues to help astronomers better understand the way comets form and how they interact with the universe around them.


Solar System

Pluto's Perplexing Moons

New data on Pluto’s moons show that the system is more bizarre than previously thought.

An Unusual Star: Wolf-Rayet Nasty 1


An Unusual Star: Wolf-Rayet Nasty 1

Starry cannibalism of Wolf-Rayet Star Nasty 1 may offer clues as to how massive, pre-supernova stars evolve.

Most Luminous Galaxy


The Most Luminous Galaxy

Researchers using NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have discovered the most luminous galaxy to date.


The Migrating Stars of Cluster 47 Tucanae

Observations of white dwarfs in a densely populated globular cluster confirm astronomers’ expectations that stars will migrate to a cluster’s outskirts after losing weight.