Cosmic Cliffs close-ups

Stellar Science

Deep Dive Off the Cosmic Cliffs

The James Webb Space Telescope's early-release image of the Cosmic Cliffs is revealing growth spurts in young stars.

Infant star and a rainbow of burps

Stellar Science

Webb Telescope Reveals Starbirth in a Riot of Colors

A riot of colors in this James Webb Space Telescope infrared image show the warm glow of a feeding infant star, representing a look back in time at a star very like the Sun.

Protoplanetary disk


Planet-forming Disks Revealed in Striking Images

Three teams of astronomers used the SPHERE instrument on the Very Large Telescope to image protoplanetary disks around nearby stars and catch planet formation in action.

ALMA images triple protostar system

Stellar Science

ALMA Images Spiral Disk Around Baby Stars

Astronomers have imaged a third star embedded in the spiral disk around a pair of baby stars, the first direct evidence of a process of star formation known as disk fragmentation.

IRS 43's Tilted Disks

Stellar Science

Two Stars, Three Planet-forming Disks

A young pair of stars hosts three potentially planet-forming disks, and all three of them are wildly tilted with respect to each other.

Artist's conception of star formation

Stellar Science

New Clues in Cooking up Planets and Stars

An early peak at a forming star system reveals tantalizing clues about its origin.