Saturn's hexagon

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NASA's Cassini Sees Saturn's Towering Polar Hexagon

Cassini's legacy sheds more light on the strange mystery of Saturn's northern polar hexagon.

Saturn rings finale

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Surprising Science from Cassini's Grand Finale

You'd think scientists would have Saturn all figured out after watching it up close for 13 years. They don't.

Cassini Grand Finale

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As Cassini Takes Its Final Plunge, What Will We Learn?

As Cassini dives into Saturn's atmosphere this Friday, ending 13 years of exploration, expect to probe the ringed planet's mysteries as never before.

Cassini final orbits

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Amazing Views of Saturn's "Polar Hexagon"

NASA's Cassini spacecraft delivers stunning views from its new orbital perch.

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Cassini Gets a Face Full of Water

Who would have guessed that a decade after Cassini headed to Saturn, mission scientists would be flying it through an ice volcano's plume?

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More Science Findings From Cassini

Scientists at the American Astronomical Society's Division of Planetary Sciences Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, were treated to a slew of results from the Cassini spacecraft.

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Cassini Peeks at Titan

Even when seen from 340,000 kilometers away, Saturn's giant moon has teased Cassini-Huygens scientists by revealing complex, mysterious surface features.