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ultracompact dwarf galaxy


Small Galaxy Boasts Big Black Hole

Astronomers have detected a supermassive black hole in the center of a tiny galaxy — where it has no right to be.

Einstein Cross by Hubble

Black Holes

Distant Black Hole’s Spin Clocked

A new measurement could be the farthest back in time astronomers have ever reached when measuring a black hole’s spin.

Black Holes

Black Hole Trio Questioned

New data shed light on last month’s exciting discovery of a black hole triplet — but they suggest instead that the threesome is really just a twosome.

Black Holes

Black Hole Trio Found

Astronomers have discovered that one member of a pair of supermassive black holes is actually a pair itself, turning the system into the most distant black hole triplet yet detected and raising hopes for future discoveries.

Black Hole-Jet Simulation

Black Holes

A MAD New Way to Make Black Hole Jets

Newly published observations provide the first real evidence supporting a theory that tells us how black hole jets form.

Supermassive black hole binary

Black Holes

Black Holes Tango in Distant Galaxy

A bizarre X-ray flare first spotted in 2010 could be a signal from two black holes that will ultimately unite into a single beast.

Black Holes

Binary Quasar Is No Illusion

A close pair of quasars in Pisces turns out just that, not the record-breaking gravitational lens that astronomers had hoped.