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black hole binary artist's impression

Black Holes

Black Hole Binary En Route to Merger?

Astronomers poring through two decades of archival and survey observations have discovered what looks like a pair of supermassive black holes closing in for a merger.

Black Holes

Watching a Quasar Shut Down

Over the course of ten years, a once-brilliant quasar seems to have stopped gobbling down nearby gas.

Dwarf galaxy and its ejected black hole?

Black Holes

Evicted Black Hole or Weird Supernova?

Orphaned black hole or weird supernova? A mysterious source of radiation has left astronomers contemplating exotic explanations.

Interstellar movie

People, Places, and Events

Interstellar: Science Fiction or Science Fantasy?

On the much anticipated opening weekend of Interstellar, senior contributing editor Bob Naeye reviews the movie's facts and foibles.

G2 approaches Sgr A*

Milky Way

G2 Survives Black Hole Pass

The gaseous object G2 has survived its swing around the Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole, but the questions of what it is and where it comes from remain unanswered.

ULX in M82

Black Holes

No Big Black Hole for Two ULXs

Two new studies suggest that ultraluminous X-ray sources are not all created by beefy black holes.

ultracompact dwarf galaxy

Black Holes

Small Galaxy Boasts Big Black Hole

Astronomers have detected a supermassive black hole in the center of a tiny galaxy — where it has no right to be.

Quasar illustration

Black Holes

The Quasar Main Sequence

A new diagram might link the diverse visible-light characteristics of quasars to two physical properties — essentially, their accretion rate and orientation. If the analysis holds up, it could point the way toward a long-sought unification.

Einstein Cross by Hubble

Black Holes

Distant Black Hole’s Spin Clocked

A new measurement could be the farthest back in time astronomers have ever reached when measuring a black hole’s spin.

Black Holes

Black Hole Trio Questioned

New data shed light on last month’s exciting discovery of a black hole triplet — but they suggest instead that the threesome is really just a twosome.

Black Holes

Gas Streamer Eclipses AGN

Astronomers have detected a high-speed, long-lasting gas streamer spewing from the active galactic nucleus of NGC 5548. This discovery might provide new insights into how supermassive black holes influence their host galaxies.

Black Holes

Black Hole Trio Found

Astronomers have discovered that one member of a pair of supermassive black holes is actually a pair itself, turning the system into the most distant black hole triplet yet detected and raising hopes for future discoveries.

Black Hole-Jet Simulation

Black Holes

A MAD New Way to Make Black Hole Jets

Newly published observations provide the first real evidence supporting a theory that tells us how black hole jets form.

Fornax galaxy cluster, enhanced

Black Holes

Peering Into Black Holes' Pasts

Galaxies’ central black holes are surprisingly simple creatures at heart, but they have a complicated past. New studies are starting to remove history’s obfuscating veil.

Supermassive black hole binary

Black Holes

Black Holes Tango in Distant Galaxy

A bizarre X-ray flare first spotted in 2010 could be a signal from two black holes that will ultimately unite into a single beast.

Black Holes

A New Galactic Yardstick

Astronomers have developed a new method to measure distances to bright but faraway galaxies, a tool which will help better constrain the expansion rate of the universe.


Black Holes

Dust in the Heart of Circinus

Infrared observations of the Circinus Galaxy may help reveal the shape of the dusty region fueling its active galactic nucleus and shed light on what governs dust structures in other galaxies.

Black Holes

Black Hole Spins Super Fast

X-ray observations and cosmic coincidence unveil the details of a distant supermassive black hole. The result could be a first step in expanding our understanding of how black holes have beefed themselves up over the last several billion years.

Infrared view of Messier 83

Black Holes

Black Hole Ate Too Much

A stellar-mass black hole in the iconic galaxy M83 seems to have kept eating long after it should have stopped. If true, the discovery could have implications for how much black holes can affect their environments.

Black Holes

Galactic Runts Carry Beefy Black Holes

Astronomers have found supermassive black holes in 151 dwarf galaxies, surprising expectations and providing a time machine into black hole formation.