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Searching for Exoplanets Around HL Tau

When astronomers went searching for the planets that must exist around HL Tau, they came up empty — and future searches may not fare much better.


A Dusty Mystery Around AU Microscopii

Unexplained ripples have been found racing through a dusty disk.

51 Eridani b


Direct-Image Discovery of a Young Jupiter

The Gemini Planet Imager has discovered its first exoplanet, a young Jupiter still glowing with the heat of its formation.

IAU Closing


At the IAU: New Dwarf Galaxy Neighbors & Dark-Sky Sanctuaries

As the IAU General Assembly in Hawaii'i draws to a close, the results were still coming in: a new bevy of dwarf galaxies discovered around the Milky Way, the celebration of the first Dark-Sky Sanctuary, and a new directly imaged exoplanet to boot.

Solar System

Sunspots and Climate Change, Naming Exoplanets, and More from the IAU

Do sunspots affect climate change? How can you name an exoplanet? Here are the latest results from the world's largest astronomy conference.

HD219134 Light Curve


Closest Rocky Exoplanet Discovered

Super-Earth HD 219134b is just 21 light-years away, orbiting a nearby orange star that you can see from your backyard.

microlensing diagram


Microlensing Exoplanet Confirmed

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of an exoplanet found via microlensing — the first time they’ve been able to successfully follow up on this method.

Kepler-452b, Earth's closest twin yet


Kepler Discovers Earth’s Closest Cousin Yet

The Kepler team announced today the discovery of Kepler-452b, an Earth-size planet in the “goldilocks” zone around a Sun-like star. But is it Earthlike?

Gliese 436b with a comet-like tail


Planet with a Comet Tail

Astronomers have confirmed that the planet Gliese 436b seems to be trailing a gigantic, comet-like cloud of hydrogen.



Searching for Exoplanet Stratospheres

Researchers identify titanium oxide as a potential molecule at work in exoplanet atmospheres.

Kapteyn b illustration


Kapteyn b: Exoplanet or Illusion?

Recent research casts doubt on whether nearby Kapteyn b, a supposed super-Earth circling in its star’s habitable zone, is a planet at all.

Hot Jupiter, reflected light and thermal emission


Hot Jupiters: Cloudy or Clear?

New analysis of Kepler observations shows that hot Jupiters' temperatures might predict their weather report.


Volcanoes on a Super-Earth?

Observations of nearby super-Earth 55 Cancri e reveal huge, as-yet unexplained changes in the exoplanet’s infrared emission, and volcanoes are one possible cause.

Fomalhaut b


Name the Exoworlds

Here's your chance to name an exoplanet, in a process recognized and officiated by the International Astronomical Union. Register your astronomy club or organization by June 1st!

ring system around J1407b


Gap Reveals Potential Exomoon

Astronomers have confirmed that the star J1407 seems to have a companion with a gigantic, gap-ridden ring, inside which an “exomoon” might be forming.

Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

Exploring Exoplanet Origin Stories

Citizen scientists are exploring exoplanets’ birthplaces, classifying more than 1 million infrared sources and finding 37 disk candidates (so far) for follow-up study.

five-planet system


Ancient Five-Planet System Found

Astronomers have potentially confirmed a five-planet exoplanet system around an 11-billion-year-old star in our galaxy.


Do Atmospheres Spin Worlds to Habitability?

The best place to look for nearby Earth-size planets are around the smallest, coolest stars. New research shows that any exoplanets tightly circling their stars might have a better chance of being habitable than previously thought.



The Future of Exoplanet Hunts

As the Kepler mission shifts into its new mode of operations, multiple new searches for exoplanets are in the works.

Zodiacal light


Spotting Comet Dust Around Alien Suns

Have you ever spotted the glow of a “false dawn”? Now astronomers have spotted a similar zodiacal light around nine nearby stars.