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A Partly Cloudy Exoplanet

Direct imaging of exoplanets was once only possible for the brightest of planets orbiting the dimmest of stars — but new observations of the Jupiter-like exoplanet 51 Eridani b provide tantalizing clues about its atmosphere.

Exoplanet Family Tree


Kepler Team Releases Final Exoplanet Catalog

The most comprehensive and detailed exoplanet catalog released yet marks the end of an era for Kepler, the planet-hunting telescope.

Hottest Jupiter

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

KELT-9b: Hottest Hot Jupiter Exoplanet Yet

Astronomers announce the discovery of bloated gas giant KELT-9b, the hottest "hot Jupiter" exoplanet known orbiting a short-lived massive star.

Giant ringed planet

Pro-Am Collaboration

Help Astronomers Track a Giant, Ringed Planet

The possible discovery of a massive ringed planet in Orion needs confirmation — and amateur astronomers can help.

trappist-1 orbits


Seventh TRAPPIST-1 Planet Confirmed

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of the seventh planet around the ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1.

Warm Neptune HAT-P-26b


Watery Skies of "Warm Neptune" Hint at Planet's Formation

Astronomers have detected water in the cloud-free skies of "warm Neptune" HAT-P-26b, a clue in the larger mystery of how these planets formed.


Gravitational Lensing Reveals "Iceball Earth" 13,000 Light-Years Away

Astronomers have discovered an "iceball Earth" orbiting a star 13,000 light-years away. Multiple eyes on the sky have revealed some of this world's secrets.

LHS 1140 b


Welcome to LHS 1140b: A Super-Earth in the Habitable Zone

The MEarth exoplanet survey nabs LHS 1140 b, a rocky planet transiting its host star just 41 light-years distant.

artist's concept of TRAPPIST-1 system


Seven-Planet Star Hides Age, Might Be Deadly

The star with seven exoplanets puts out enough high-energy radiation to tear away the inner planets’ atmospheres in a few billion years.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Find New Worlds, Film an Eclipse & Do Some Citizen Science!

Hankering to discover new solar systems or understand our own? These citizen science projects and public data troves will help you fill your free time.

illustration of TRAPPIST-1 planet sky


Seven Earth-Sized Planets Found Orbiting Dim Star

Astronomers have found seven Earth-sized planets around a cool red dwarf, all of which have the potential for liquid surface water.

TW Hydrae

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Hubble Catches Exoplanet Shadow Play

A unique method reveals the influence of a planet within the stellar disk around TW Hydrae.

flaring M dwarf

Stellar Science

Proxima Centauri b Likely a Desert World

Astronomers suspect the Sun’s closest stellar neighbor desiccated its potentially rocky exoplanet, destroying the planet’s chances for habitability.

Pluto's Sputnik Planum in color


Top 12 Astronomy News Stories of 2016

From the discovery of gravitational waves to the building evidence that a massive planet could exist beyond Pluto, it has been a thrilling year for astronomy research. We recap.

Protoplanetary disk


Planet-forming Disks Revealed in Striking Images

Three teams of astronomers used the SPHERE instrument on the Very Large Telescope to image protoplanetary disks around nearby stars and catch planet formation in action.

IRS 43's Tilted Disks

Stellar Science

Two Stars, Three Planet-forming Disks

A young pair of stars hosts three potentially planet-forming disks, and all three of them are wildly tilted with respect to each other.

convective M dwarf


Proxima Centauri Has Sun-Like Cycle

Observations confirm that the closest star to our solar system has a regular magnetic cycle similar to our Sun.

Breakthrough Starshot - screengrab of laser acceleration video


Could Spacecraft Make it to Proxima Centauri?

Dust and gas between stars would pose a threat to spacecraft en route from Earth to the Alpha Centauri system — and scientists are seriously considering the problem now that the prospect of interstellar travel is no longer sci-fi.

illustration of Proxima Centauri b


Exoplanet Found Around Proxima Centauri

Astronomers have discovered a planet in the habitable zone of the closest star to the Sun.


NASA’s K2 Mission Confirms 100+ Exoplanets

Kepler’s K2 mission has confirmed 104 new exoplanets — including a rocky, four-planet system.