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Image of a pinwheel of dust around a massive star

Stellar Science

Glowing Serpent Found in the Sky

Astronomers have discovered a star generating a pinwheel of dust 8,000 lightyears away, which may shed some light on the last stages of massive star evolution.

Artist's impression of galactic encounter's aftereffects

Milky Way

Pattern in Milky Way's Stars Suggests Recent Galactic Whack

An unexpected pattern in the Milky Way's disk of stars points to a recent whack from another galaxy.

Beta Pictoris b


Astronomers "Weigh" Beta Pictoris b

Astronomers have a precise new mass measurement for Beta Pictoris b, a young gas giant still in the throes of formation 63 light-years from Earth.

Brown Dwarf with Aurora


Auroras Discovered Around Rogue Brown Dwarf

Astronomers have discovered auroras around a set of brown dwarfs — including one that wanders the galaxy by itself — indicating surprisingly strong magnetic fields in these failed stars.

Dust ring around Boyajian's Star

Stellar Science

New Observations of the "Most Mysterious Star in the Galaxy"

New data on Boyajian's Star show that dust — not an alien megastructure — is probably the cause of this star's mysterious behavior.

Temperate exoplanet 11 light-years away


Planet Orbits Quiet Star 11 Light-years Away

Astronomers have discovered a potentially rocky planet around a red dwarf star just 11 light-years away.


Cool Dust — and More Planets? — for Proxima Centauri

Tantalizing new observations hint that there's a lot more going on in the Proxima Centauri system — the one that hosts the exoplanet nearest Earth — than meets the eye.

Saturn's moons


Best Exomoon Candidate Yet?

Astronomers have found one of the best exomoon candidates in data collected by the Kepler spacecraft.

Star-forming region RCW 38

Stellar Science

100 Billion Brown Dwarfs in the Milky Way?

A new study of a nearby cluster of newly formed stars reveals that brown dwarfs may rival stars in the Milky Way in number, with one brown dwarf for every two bona fide stars.

Giant ringed planet

Pro-Am Collaboration

Help Astronomers Track a Giant, Ringed Planet

The possible discovery of a massive ringed planet in Orion needs confirmation — and amateur astronomers can help.

Brown dwarf with disk

Stellar Science

Brown Dwarfs Mimic Their Big Stellar Siblings

Two recent studies suggest that brown dwarfs, or so-called “failed stars,” are nevertheless more like stars than planets.

Sagittarius Stream

Milky Way

Origin of Our Galaxy's Most Distant Stars

The most distant stars discovered in the Milky Way might have been ripped away from a companion galaxy.


Milky Way's New Neighbor: A Giant Dwarf

Astronomers have discovered a “feeble giant”: one of the largest dwarf galaxies ever seen around the Milky Way.

Milky Way

Star-Counting in the Galactic Bulge

Astronomers have taken a careful census of the smallest stars in our galaxy’s center.

XX Triangulum

Stellar Science

Seeing Spots on a Red Giant Star

Astronomers have gathered enough observations to produce an exquisite image of another star’s surface.

forming brown dwarf

Stellar Science

Brown Dwarfs Form Like Stars

Recent radio observations support the idea that brown dwarfs form like full-fledged stars do.

Gliese 436b with a comet-like tail


Planet with a Comet Tail

Astronomers have confirmed that the planet Gliese 436b seems to be trailing a gigantic, comet-like cloud of hydrogen.

ring system around J1407b


Gap Reveals Potential Exomoon

Astronomers have confirmed that the star J1407 seems to have a companion with a gigantic, gap-ridden ring, inside which an “exomoon” might be forming.


Stellar Science

Stars' Spins Show Their Ages

Astronomers have expanded their ability to date stars using the stars’ own spins.

Star before and after adaptive optics

Professional Telescopes

Next-Gen Adaptive Optics

The Subaru Telescope has donned a new pair of glasses called Raven, a multi-object adaptive optics system that enables astronomers to correct for atmospheric turbulence over an unprecedented field of view.