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Night Sky Sights

Ceres and Vesta in 2011

The two brightest asteroids are in fine view for binoculars or a telescope. Here are instructions and charts to find them.

Night Sky Sights

Vesta in 2010

Vesta shines at magnitude 7 or brighter through mid-May 2010.

Night Sky Sights

Finding Uranus and Neptune in 2006

Binoculars and our charts are all you need to spot these twin outer planets.

Night Sky Sights

The Martian Moons in 2007–08

If you've never spied Mars's two satellites, Phobos and Deimos, the end of 2007 is your best chance for a long time. You'll need a big telescope — and you'll need to know exactly where to look.

Night Sky Sights

Uranus and Neptune in 2005

From now to year's end, our finder charts will help you locate Uranus (in Aquarius), Neptune (in Capricornus), and Pluto (in Ophiuchus).

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