This SOHO shot sunspot group 963 was captured on July 11th by the craft's Michelson Doppler Imager.


Have I mentioned how much I hate New England weather? I grew up spoiled in Southern California and had clear skies — and great seeing — all the time. Here, well, not so much. My latest frustration came when I learned that there's a cool sunspot group visible right now. Of course we've been plagued with hazy, cloudy, lousy weather. So the best view I've seen so far is courtesy the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. At right is SOHO's latest image of sunspot group 963.

Today the weather in Boston is mostly cloudy. But there are a few sucker holes out there. And I'm certainly a sucker. So I think I might grab my H-alpha scope and try to see this group for myself.

If you have better skies, tell us about it. If you've got your camera handy, feel free to submit your shots to our online gallery.

And, as always, be sure you protect your eyes when observing the Sun.


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