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Multiple holes in the Rochette rock on Mars

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Perseverance Successfully Grabs First Mars Samples (Updates)

After a rocky first start, Perseverance hit pay dirt on the second try. The rover collected two samples recording ancient volcanic eruptions and groundwater interaction.

Goldstone dish

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

NASA's Deep Space Network Upgraded

NASA is upgrading its Deep Space Network to keep up with the demands of modern interplanetary communications.


Spacecraft and Space Missions

ESCAPADE Blue and Gold Orbiters Head to Mars in 2024

A pair of spacecraft will head to Mars in 2024 as the ESCAPADE mission, to study the Martian space weather environment.

2021 PH27

Solar System

Astronomers Discover Asteroid that Flies Close to the Sun

Newly discovered asteroid 2021 PH27 orbits the Sun in just 113 days.

First Sample

Solar System

Mars Perseverance Rover Hits a Snag on First Sampling Attempt (Update)

Perseverance came up empty on its first attempt to grab and stow a sample of Mars.


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Russian Rocket Booster to Reenter Early Next Week

The spent rocket booster that deployed the Russian Spektr-R satellite a decade ago is now set to burn up over the Indian Ocean on Monday, August 9th.

Comet Interceptor

Solar System

How the Comet Interceptor Will Chase Visitors to the Inner Solar System

How will engineers plan the trajectory of Comet Interceptor, a mission designed to fly by an interstellar visitor, when its target is still unknown?

Cratered Floor, Fratcured Rough

Solar System

NASA's Perseverance to Collect First Sample from Mars

Perseverance will soon collect the first of many samples from the Martian surface in a quest to answer whether the planet once hosted life.

Peculiar galaxies

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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Is Back in Action

After a tense month, the Hubble Space Telescope resumed operations this past weekend.

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Hubble Trouble: NASA Works to Fix Space Telescope (Updated July 14th)

NASA Engineers are working to reboot the Hubble Space Telescope, after an unexpected anomaly.

Raised Ridges

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Mars Helicopter Scouts Risky Terrain for Perseverance Rover

The Ingenuity Mars helicopter has proven itself a valuable asset to Perseverance, scouting out terrain that the rover can't cross.


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What Will ESA's EnVision Learn at Venus?

ESA's EnVision mission to Venus adds to the growing number of spacecraft investigating our sister planet. How will they work together to understand our sister planet'?

Zhurong selfie

Spacecraft and Space Missions

China’s Zhurong Rover Snaps Selfie on Mars

China's Zhurong rover gets to work exploring Mars, with a new panorama of its landing site.


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We're Heading to Venus! NASA Selects Discovery-class Missions

After a hiatus of several decades, NASA is about to return to Venus in a big way.


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Moonlight: Europe Plans Constellation of Lunar Satellites

The European Space Agency’s Moonlight initiative gets the go ahead for the development of a future GPS system around the Moon.

Zhurong lander

Spacecraft and Space Missions

China's Zhurong Rover Lands on Mars (Update: New Images)

The Zhurong rover has successfully landed on the Red Planet in an ambitious first for China's space agency.

osiris-rex departs

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NASA's OSIRIS-REX Leaves Asteroid Bennu, Heads for Home

NASA’s asteroid explorer has begun its long journey home with precious cargo onboard: samples of the asteroid Bennu.

Long March-5B core

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Tianhe Booster to Reenter This Weekend

One of the largest spacecraft to plunge from orbit in recent decades is likely coming down on May 8th.


Spacecraft and Space Missions

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Enters New Phase of Flight

After a successful first month of flights, Ingenuity will continue to fly through Martian skies on an extended mission designed to test operations.

Tianhe launch

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China Launches First Section of Its New Space Station

China has launched the first section of its modular space station Tiangong 3, which will take shape over the coming year.