Total eclipse with Venus nearby

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What Will the Weather Be on the Day of the Total Solar Eclipse?

Eclipse weather expert Jay Anderson shares the long-range outlook for eclipse day as well as instructions on how to look at weather forecasts closer to April 8th.

Annular solar eclipse

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When It's Eclipse Decision Time, How Do You Decide Where to Go?

Satellite imagery will prove invaluable in making decisions on the day of the annular solar eclipse.

Annular eclipse in 2014

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DIY Weather Forecast for the October 14th Eclipse

The October annular eclipse is coming up, and the most important requirement will be clear skies. Here's how to forecast the weather.

Cloud cover along the path of totality will be lesser toward the south

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El Niño and the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

What will the ongoing El Niño event do to the chance of cloud cover along the 2024 total solar eclipse track?

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Eclipse Weather: Decision Time

With the eclipse just a few days away on Monday, now is the time to start taking stock of the weather forecast — and making decisions.

Cloudy Eclipse

solar eclipse 2017

Eclipse Planning: Explore Weather Model Forecasts

If you're itching to know the weather on eclipse day, here's how you can explore weather model forecasts. Just remember, the eclipse is still almost a week away!

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How to Read the Weather the Day Before the Eclipse

Weather will play a crucial role on eclipse day. Meteorologist and eclipsophile Jay Anderson shares his tips for predicting the unpredictable: eclipse weather.