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Inside the April 2020 Issue

We celebrate Hubble's 30th anniversary this issue with two amateur astronomers from the Hubble Team and discuss latest in liquid mirror telescopes.

Inside the March 2020 Issue

Find the skinny on the Starlink controversy, and learn how we're using a star-monitoring satellite to explore our galaxy's past.

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Sky & Telescope Errata 2020

The editors of Sky & Telescope make every effort to provide accurate information, but errors do sometimes slip through. We correct all mistakes online as well as printing corrections in the magazine. So if you see something questionable in the magazine, check below to see if it's a known problem.…

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Inside the February 2020 Issue

SUBSCRIBE PRINT | SUBSCRIBE DIGITAL A Search for Cosmic Dust on Earth, Capturing the Depths of the Night Sky, and Kepler's Dream of a Moon Landing In February’s issue of Sky & Telescope, amateurs hunt down meteorites, teach readers how to capture incredible nightscapes, discover exoplanets, and build their own…

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Inside the January 2020 Issue

The January 2020 issue of Sky & Telescope examines what might be living under Mars's surface and reviews the long legacy of the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Inside the December 2019 Issue

SUBSCRIBE PRINT | SUBSCRIBE DIGITAL Uncovering the Secrets of the Ice Giants, Sketching Superbubbles, & Avoiding Hobby Killers In December’s issue of Sky & Telescope, see what the Martian rovers have seen while traversing the rolling hills and layered mesas of Mars: Read about the dust storms they fight through,…

November 2019 Sky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Inside the November 2019 Issue

See what the November 2019 issue has to offer.

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King Clusters: Table of Cluster Data

Here you'll find a table of cluster parameters to accompany Al Lamperti's and Frank Colosimo's article on observing the King Clusters that appeared on page 60 in the November 2019 issue.

Sky & Telescope October 2019

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Inside the October 2019 Issue

Read more about the October 2019 issue of Sky & Telescope.

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Nebulae in Perseus: Target Coordinates

If you're looking for the coordinates and other data on the targets covered in October's Bright & Dark Clouds in Perseus you've come to the right place.