Big Dipper

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Tell Time with the Big Dipper; See Ceres Transit a Spiral Galaxy

Phone battery dead? Learn how to tell time with the Big Dipper. Also, don't miss a remarkable transit of Ceres in front of the bright spiral galaxy M100.

Occator Crater on Ceres

Solar System

Asteroid Ceres Was Radioactive — and That Could Explain a Lot

Radioactive heating in this asteroid's early days may have destabilized the small world, creating asymmetric surface features.

Ceres, ocean world

Solar System

Asteroid Ceres: An Ocean World

Scientists have thought that the largest main-belt asteroid, Ceres, had an ancient ocean beneath its surface. But new data from the Dawn spacecraft show the underground ocean might still be there.

Ahuna Mons

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Dawn Probes Role of Cryovolcanism on Ceres

A recent analysis of data from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveals the role of cryovolcanism past — and likely present — on the giant asteroid Ceres.

Dawn images Ceres from new, low orbit

Space Missions

NASA's Dawn Probe Reaches Its Low, Final Orbit

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has entered a new and final orbit that will take it less than 30 miles above the surface of asteroid Ceres.

illustration of Ceres

Solar System

Sun Triggers Ceres’ Fleeting Atmosphere

Planetary scientists think the Sun may inadvertently create a transitory, tenuous atmosphere around the dwarf planet Ceres — and in an unexpected way.

organic material on Ceres

Solar System

Scientists Find Organics on Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft has detected organic compounds on the dwarf planet Ceres.

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Orbital Path Podcasts with Michelle Thaller

Orbital Path 8: A Tale of Two Asteroids - Vesta and Ceres

Host Michelle Thaller speaks with Lucy McFadden, co-investigator of NASA’s Dawn Mission that traveled 130 million miles to orbit the asteroids Vesta and Ceres.

bright spot on Ceres, enhanced color

Solar System

Ceres Bright Spot is Salty

Spectral observations by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft reveal that the dwarf planet’s mysterious beacon is made of salt.

Ceres bright spots from HAMO

Space Missions

New View of Ceres’ Amazing Spots

The latest image from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveals structure in the bright spots on the asteroid 1 Ceres.


Let's Get Serious About Ceres

We pay a visit to Ceres, now the apple of the Dawn Mission's eye, as it creeps through Sagittarius this month

White spots on Ceres

Solar System

Dawn Sees Ceres Bright Spots and More

New results from the Dawn orbiter show bright spots, a pyramid-shape mountain, and mysterious haze on the dwarf planet Ceres.

Ceres from orbit

Solar System

Asteroid Tour: Fly Over Ceres

Visit the dwarf planet Ceres in this video animation created from images taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft.

Ceres map, slice

Solar System

Dawn Maps Ceres in False Color

Thanks to NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, we’re finally seeing more of the asteroid Ceres than a fuzzy ball.

Solar System

Dawn Orbiter Reaches Dwarf-Planet Ceres

The long-distance traveler has finally arrived at the first dwarf planet (and largest asteroid) yet studied by spacecraft.

Bright spots on Ceres

Space Missions

Bright Spots on Ceres Intrigue Scientists

Incoming views of the asteroid belt's largest body reveal spots where ice from the interior might be exposed on the surface.