Illustration of Kepler-1625b and moon transiting star


Doubt Cast on Exomoon Candidates

Exomoon candidates are tantalizing but, according to new research, perhaps unfounded.

Neptune-size exomoon around a giant planet (art)


Needle in the Haystack: New Exomoon Candidate Found

Astronomers may have found a second Neptune-size exomoon hidden in the retired Kepler space telescope’s data.

the PDS 70 circumstellar disk


Astronomers Detect Potential Moon-forming Disk around an Exoplanet

Astronomers have made the first clear detection of a dusty disk surrounding an exoplanet, which could eventually go on to form moons.

Exomoon (art)


Have Astronomers Detected Exomoons At Last?

Have astronomers detected two giant exomoons? The answer depends on how convincing you deem newly presented results — and how you define a moon.

Exomoon (art)


Exomoon or No Exomoon?

Last October, the first discovery of a potential exomoon was announced. But is Kepler-1625b-i an actual moon in another solar system? Or just an artifact of data reduction?

Illustration of Kepler-1625b and exomoon in transit


Hubble Boosts Case for Exomoon

Exoplanet Kepler-1625b might harbor a moon the size of Neptune—potentially the first confirmed exomoon—but researchers urge caution.

Saturn's moons


Best Exomoon Candidate Yet?

Astronomers have found one of the best exomoon candidates in data collected by the Kepler spacecraft.

Giant ringed planet

Pro-Am Collaboration

Help Astronomers Track a Giant, Ringed Planet

The possible discovery of a massive ringed planet in Orion needs confirmation — and amateur astronomers can help.

ring system around J1407b


Gap Reveals Potential Exomoon

Astronomers have confirmed that the star J1407 seems to have a companion with a gigantic, gap-ridden ring, inside which an “exomoon” might be forming.