Ligeia Mare on Titan

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New Exploration of Titan's Seas

A new look at data from NASA's Cassini mission confirms methane cycles on Saturn's largest moon, Titan, just as water cycles on Earth.

Titan art

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Methane Icebergs Could Float in Titan’s Seas

The “magic islands” that appear and disappear in Titan’s methane-ethane seas could be hydrocarbon icebergs, a new study finds.

Titan and Tethys

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Titan Occults a Bright Star, Mira Awakens, and Comet PanSTARRS Shines

Pick one or see them all. July offers a potpourri of celestial events for both naked-eye observers and telescope users that include a rare occultation by Saturn's moon Titan, a bright comet, and Mira at maximum.

radar map of Titan's north pole


Winds and Tides Drive Sea Waves on Titan

Sunlight glittering off rough patches of sea on Saturn’s largest moon indicates ever-changing waves.

Global map of Titan's geological features

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First Global Geological Map of Saturn’s Moon Titan Released

Working with data from NASA’s Cassini mission, scientists have produced the first global map of Titan’s geological features.

Infrared mosaic of Titan

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Titan Dust Storms Pose Challenges for Future Spacecraft

Future missions to Saturn's moon Titan may have to contend with blowing particles and higher-than-expected winds from recently discovered dust storms.

Illustration of dust storms on Titan

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60-Second Astro News: Dust Storms on Titan, Origin of Phobos

In astronomy news this week: Dust storms are seen blowing around Titan for the first time, and new clues from old data suggest that an impact on Mars gave birth to Phobos.

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Hello, Saturn! We're Glad You're Back

Saturn, considered by many the most beautiful sight in the sky, comes to opposition this week with its rings in full tilt. You won't want to miss it.

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Water Flow Gives Insights on Mars and Titan

A team of researchers led by Benjamin Black (City College of New York) used global drainage patterns of Titan, Earth, and Mars' surfaces to determine the likelihood of recent tectonic activity.

Ligeia Mare on Titan

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Titan’s Flooded Canyons

Cassini radar observations reveal a channel system on Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan, that is drowned in liquid methane.

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Saturn's Splendid Summer Show

It's showtime for the King of the Rings! Time to get your telescope out to see and share Saturn, which comes to opposition this week.

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Titan Sheds Light on Alien Atmospheres

Saturn’s largest moon Titan played a cameo as an exoplanet, allowing astronomers to better understand how a thick layer of haze or clouds might affect their observations of more distant alien worlds.

Titan lakeshore closeup

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Sea Changes on Saturnian Moon

Fleeting radar features in a sea in Titan’s northern hemisphere are a tantalizing possibility of seasonal changes.