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Indian ASAT Test

Space Missions

What India's Anti-Satellite Test Means for Space Debris

A recent anti-satellite missile test by India added hundreds of pieces of debris to an already cluttered low-Earth orbit.

Phobos Shadow

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Curiosity Sees Phobos Transit . . . After Sunset

NASA's Curiosity rover just spied transits of both Martian moons across the face of the Sun — including one that happened after the Sun had set.

Mars Rover

Space Missions

Quaking Aspen Leaves Inspire Potential Power Source For Mars Rovers

A unique concept could serve as an emergency power backup for future missions.

Lunar Gateway

Science and Space Policy

NASA 2020 Budget Proposal Boosts Exploration, Downplays Science

NASA's Lunar Gateway and a return to the Moon are the big winners in the 2020 budget proposed for the agency; the futures of planetary and Earth science are less clear.

Insight Mars

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Mars Insight's "Mole" Hits a Snag

Drilling operations for NASA's Mars Insight Lander have been put on hold as the "mole" has hit unexpected obstacles.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Israeli Lunar Lander Heads to the Moon

Israel's Beresheet lunar lander was carried to space today on top of a Falcon 9 rocket, headed for a soft landing on the Moon in April.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

NASA to Explore Early Universe, Origins of Life with SPHEREX

The SPHEREX mission will create multiple surveys of the near-infrared sky that will reveal the origins of life and perhaps the universe itself.

Oppy's End

Space Missions

Opportunity Reaches the End of Its Long Road

Despite months of listening, NASA has failed to pick up any signals from the stalwart Opportunity rover.

New Horizons RTG

Space Missions

Speeding Up Plutonium Production for Space Exploration

Automation of a key process may yield an eightfold boost to U.S. plutonium production, a promising development for deep-space exploration.

Yutu 2

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

China's Chang'e 4 Lands on the Lunar Farside

China's Chang'e 4 performed a historic first on January 3rd with a soft landing on the farside of the Moon.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Space Missions to Watch in 2019

Multiple trips to the Moon, physics satellites, and Europe's long-awaited exoplanet explorer are among the space missions on tap for 2019.

Earth and Moon

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Chang'e 4 Probe Heads to the Lunar Farside

China's latest lunar mission will drop a lander and rover in one of the oldest terrains on the Moon, becoming the first craft to intentionally land on and explore the farside.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Osiris-REX Arrives at Asteroid Bennu

NASA's ambitious Osiris-REX mission will now spend the next couple years surveying Bennu before attempting to return a sample to Earth.

Mars Insight

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Insight Lander Touches Down on Mars

After a safe landing, NASA's first dedicated geophysical mission to Mars will spend the next two years studying the deep interior of the Red Planet. 

jezero crater

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Jezero Crater Selected as Landing Site for Mars 2020 Rover

NASA's next Mars rover will explore a geologically diverse crater that may once have been flooded with water, a crucial ingredient for the mission's search for evidence of past life.

Dawn at Ceres

Solar System

Dusk for Dawn: NASA's Groundbreaking Mission Comes to an End

After 11 Years, NASA's Dawn mission to explore Vesta and Ceres is about to come to an end.

Kepler Art

Space Missions

The Kepler Space Telescope Comes to an End

NASA's planet-hunting telescope has run out of fuel after a nine-year mission that found more than 2,600 planets orbiting other stars along with thousands more worlds yet to be confirmed.


Solar System

MASCOT Deploys from Hayabusa-2, Lands on Ryugu

The boxy robotic lander MASCOT delivered photos and other data from asteroid Ryugu during a brief 17-hour stay on the asteroid's surface.

Hayabusa 2 shadow

Space Missions

Touchdown: Hayabusa 2 Deploys Rovers to Explore Ryugu

The Japanese Hayabusa 2 spacecraft dispatched the first of a set of smaller missions that will explore asteroid 162173 Ryugu.

Ahuna Mons

Space Missions

Dawn Probes Role of Cryovolcanism on Ceres

A recent analysis of data from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveals the role of cryovolcanism past — and likely present — on the giant asteroid Ceres.