Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

Binoculars for Astronomy: Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Buying

Ordinary binoculars are your ideal "first telescope." And they're so versatile that even seasoned stargazers find them indispensable.

Binoculars: Guides and Recommendations

Power and Aperture in Binoculars

They come in a wide range of apertures. But for astronomy, large aperture is only part of the story. High magnification is just as important when binoculars are used on a night sky that's not absolutely dark.

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

Binocular Blogs

Binocular stargazing has a peaceful, organic quality that's hard to achieve through a telescope. Here's a list of some blogs the author has written on this subject.

Binoculars: Guides and Recommendations

Binoculars vs. Starblast, Redux

How do 15x70 binoculars hold up against a genuinely inexpensive telescope?

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Binoculars Part III: One Eye Versus Two

Binoculars are qualitatively different from telescopes with identical aperture.

Binocular bits

Binoculars: Guides and Recommendations

Three Binoculars: Part II

Binoculars' strengths and weaknesses are intimately connected.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

A Tale of Three Binoculars: Part I

There's a big difference between 10x50 and 15x70 binoculars.

Pile o' Binos

Binoculars: Guides and Recommendations

Testing Stargazing Binoculars

How do you choose the right binocular for stargazing? Here's our expert's easy-to-do, step-by-step test.

Stargazing Basics

Binocular Basics: Glossary of Binocular Terms

Exit pupils. Eye relief. Image stabilization. What matters most for astronomers? Our expert explains it all.