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Solar System

Is a New Moon News?

Thanks to the latest find by the Cassini spacecraft, we now know that Saturn has 60 satellites circling it.

Solar System

The End of the Rovers?

The dust clouds on Mars are blocking out so much sunlight that the Mars Exploration Rovers may not survive until the storm blows over.


Thanks to Akari, I'm Seeing (Infra)Red

Japanese and European astronomers have proudly unveiled the first all-sky map of the deep infrared sky in more than 20 years.

Solar System

Martian Dustup Has an Impact

As a storm rages in Mars's atmosphere, two rovers on the surface and three orbiters above wait for the dust to settle.

Solar System

Dawn's Liftoff Delayed to September

When delays narrowed the spacecraft's July launch window to just a few days, NASA managers decide to wait two months.

Space Missions

Mars Pole Bound — Again

NASA is set to launch its latest Mars mission, the Phoenix lander, as early as August 3rd.

Space Missions

Return of the Sponge Moon

Back in 2005 we reported why Hyperion had a sponge-like appearance. Turns out that our old story is dead wrong!

Solar System

Let's Hope Dawn Doesn't Break!

When NASA's Dawn spacecraft leaves Earth behind on Sunday, it'll begin an 8-year asteroid-hopping adventure.

Solar System

What a Difference a Decade Makes

It's been a decade since Mars Pathfinder touched the surface of Mars and heralded a new era of Martian exploration.

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