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Space Missions

Earth at Night: Not a Pretty Sight

Rosetta's nighttime snapshots of the Eastern Hemisphere show that the fight against light pollution has a long way to go.

Celestial News & Events

Call for Images of Venus

Venus Express project scientists are inviting amateur and professional astronomers to contribute Earth-based images of the planet made at infrared, visible, and ultraviolet wavelengths.

Space Missions

Good Morning Earth

The Kaguya spacecraft provides a nice way to start the day with a look back home.

Space Missions

China Reaches the Moon

A Chinese spacecraft named Chang'e 1 is preparing to study the Moon at close range after successfully settling into lunar orbit.

Space Missions

Rosetta Attacks!

Briefly mistaken for an asteroid headed toward Earth, a European-built comet chaser zips by en route to its deep-space rendezvous.


The Record Stellar-Mass Black Hole

In a nearby galaxy, astronomers find the biggest-ever small black hole.

Space Missions

Seeing More Red

A new series about going to Mars premieres this week. But that's just the beginning of your multimedia adventure.


Solar System

Meteor Showers on Mars

Scientists now know what meteor showers occur in the rarefied atmosphere above Mars. So how come NASA's intrepid rovers can't see them?

Solar System

Titan's Frigid Shores

NASA's Cassini orbiter continues mapping Saturn's largest moon — and finding prime lakefront real estate.

Solar System

Two Planets, One Discovery

Talk about serendipity! Two teams of scientists on opposite sides of the Atlantic, studying two planets on opposite sides of Earth, come up with the same quirky result.

Solar System

Spotlight on New Horizons

Jupiter looks great through a backyard telescope, but can you imagine how much better it'd look from just 1.4 million miles away? NASA's Pluto-bound spacecraft got that chance last February.

Space Missions

Iapetus Yields Dark Secrets

Saturn's black-and-white moon has mystified astronomers for centuries. Finally, however, they're learning what a bizarre place it truly is.

Space Missions

Kaguya: To the Moon!

With a brief rocket firing on October 4th, the Japanese spacecraft Kaguya slipped into lunar orbit — the first step in what promises to be an exciting scientific mission.

Milky Way

There Might Be Supergiants

A new view from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals the goings on in a cluster full of massive stars.

Space Missions

Sun 1, Comet Tail 0

A solar explosion plows into a comet's tail. Care to place a wager on which one wins?

Sat Tracking

Space Missions

Follow that Station!

Our renewed online tool will let you follow humans orbiting Earth.


Refining Hipparcos's Star Distances

To extract even better star distances, a Cambridge astronomer who took part in the Hipparcos mission has just completed a whole new analysis of the raw data.

Space Missions

Hi-Def from Space

A Moon-bound spacecraft looks back to shoot Earth in high-definition glory.

Solar System

Skylights into Martian Caves

NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter may have found deep black pits — possibly sinkholes — that act as skylights for extensive caves on the slopes of the volcano Arsia Mons.

Space Missions

Opportunity: It's in the Hole!

Exploration inside Victoria Crater has begun.