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Solar System

Japan Launches a "Lunar Princess"

On September 14th, during a picture-perfect launch, a powerful rocket heaved Japan's latest scientific satellite toward the Moon.

Space Missions

Life and Death of FUSE

One of NASA's spacecraft has been making great observations of the galaxy for the past 8 years. But there's one small problem: it can't point at its targets anymore.

Space Missions

Opportunity is Going In

Now that the dust storms have passed, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity should begin studies inside Victoria Crater in the coming weeks.

Solar System

Prepare to Be Blown Away by Iapetus

Cassini finally encounters Saturn's wacky moon Iapetus today. Don't wait for the processed pics to be released. Check out the raw images now!

Solar System

Mars Rovers Rolling Again!

Predictions that the twin Martian explorers wouldn't survive the dust storm thankfully proved to be wrong. Spirit and Opportunity are back in business.

Solar System

Icy Shower Poses No Threat for Cassini

Scientists are confident that the towering ice geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus shouldn't harm the Cassini spacecraft during a close flyby next March.

Solar System

Voyager 2's Lucky Day

Thirty years ago, on August 20, 1977, Voyager 2 left Earth and began its conquest of the outer solar system. Had it not been for the luck of the draw, this historic mission would have turned out very differently.


"Magnificent" Neutron Star Found

Sizzling with X-rays but mum at radio frequencies, a nearby, on-its-own neutron star is causing astronomers to scratch their heads.

Astronomy and Society

The Red Planet We Never Knew

A new DVD entertains with a 50-year-old look at Mars.

Space Missions

Galaxy Monster Mash

Astronomers using a battery of ground- and space-based telescopes have stumbled upon the most massive galaxy smashup ever seen.

Milky Way

Hubble Lifts the Veil

New images from the Hubble Space Telescope show parts of the Veil Nebula in Cygnus in unprecedented detail.

Space Missions

Phoenix Heads to Mars

Rising from the ashes of a mission to Mars that disappeared without a trace in 1999, the Phoenix spacecraft is on its way to the Red Planet.

Solar System

Understanding Saturn's G Ring

Astronomers might have found the source for Saturn's mysterious G ring.

Space Missions

Coming Soon: Hi-Res Lunar Images

Photos by the Apollo astronauts are getting the star treatment.

Space Missions

The Economics of Impacts

Can't have enough of people thinking about the threat of asteroids.

Space Missions

Is a New Moon News?

Thanks to the latest find by the Cassini spacecraft, we now know that Saturn has 60 satellites circling it.

Space Missions

The End of the Rovers?

The dust clouds on Mars are blocking out so much sunlight that the Mars Exploration Rovers may not survive until the storm blows over.


Thanks to Akari, I'm Seeing (Infra)Red

Japanese and European astronomers have proudly unveiled the first all-sky map of the deep infrared sky in more than 20 years.

Space Missions

Martian Dustup Has an Impact

As a storm rages in Mars's atmosphere, two rovers on the surface and three orbiters above wait for the dust to settle.

Space Missions

Mars Pole Bound — Again

NASA is set to launch its latest Mars mission, the Phoenix lander, as early as August 3rd.