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First-Quarter Moon

Cameras: Guides & Recommendations

Photos with Celestron's 14-inch EdgeHD

Here are some celestial photos taken with Celestron's new flagship telescope, the 14-inch EdgeHD.

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Landscapes at Night, What a Delight

Earth's beautiful and historical places serve as foregrounds for the starry sky.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Hybrid Composite Imaging

Combing images from different cameras and telescopes results in stunning celestial vistas.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Planetary Imaging: How to Process Planetary Images

A premier planetary photographer shares his secrets for capturing the finest details on our neighboring worlds.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Deep Sky Astrophotography with a dSLR

Using a modified Canon EOS 20Da digital SLR, one astrophotographer aims for unusually faint nebulae.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Capture the Sun with Your PST

High-quality hydrogen-alpha photography of the Sun can be done on a modest budget.

sunlight twice reflected

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Photographing Iridium Flares

It's easy to photograph Iridium flares. Making the photograph visually interesting, however, is more challenging.


Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Guiding a Telescope for Imaging Like a Pro

Taking deep-sky pictures requires a skill that's involved in no other kind of photography: guiding on a star.

video astronomy

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Night! Camera! Action! | Astrophotography with Video Cameras

Taking astro video is for more than just instant replay. Use your camcorder to capture views of the Sun, Moon and planets.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Deep Sky Astrophotography With Digital Cameras

Today’s digital cameras are no longer limited to bright targets, such as the Sun, Moon, or planets. Even star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae are now fair game.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Astrophotography with a Digital Camera

Finally, there’s a way for anyone to take decent astronomical images through a telescope.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Wide-Field Imaging with CCD Cameras

Here's a quick and easy way to capture large sections of the sky digitally using ordinary 35-millimeter camera lenses.

Piggyback photography

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Simple Astrophotography: Piggybacking

Take stunning portraits of constellations, nebulas, star clusters, and our home galaxy.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Of Pixel Size and Focal Reducers

Before you purchase a CCD, weigh the options possible when focal reducers are added to the imaging system.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Afocal What?

If you look through a telescope's eyepiece, why wouldn't you point a camera through it?

Celestial News & Events

Photographing the Transit of Venus

Here's how to capture your own keepsake portrait of this upcoming rare, historic, and first-in-a-lifetime event.

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