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HD219134 Light Curve


Closest Rocky Exoplanet Discovered

Super-Earth HD 219134b is just 21 light-years away, orbiting a nearby orange star that you can see from your backyard.

The dust pillars of NGC 4921


Cosmic Wind Erodes Distant Galaxy

On Earth, wind can transform entire landscapes - turns out the same is true in space. Galaxy NGC 4921 faces an intracluster wind that's eroding its star-forming terrain.

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Kepler-452b, Earth's closest twin yet


Kepler Discovers Earth’s Closest Cousin Yet

The Kepler team announced today the discovery of Kepler-452b, an Earth-size planet in the “goldilocks” zone around a Sun-like star. But is it Earthlike?

Milky Way

Buckyballs Solve Interstellar Mystery

Soccer ball-shaped molecules lurking in the dusty corners of the Milky Way help resolve a long-standing problem.

ASASSN-15lh finder chart

Stellar Science

The Most Luminous Supernova

Astronomers have discovered an exploding star that belongs to the "superluminous" class, and it's the most luminous one ever found.

Black Holes

Revealing Hidden Black Holes

The NuSTAR telescope has spied high-energy X-rays from five supermassive black holes shrouded in a thick veil of dust and gas, a test run that will lead to a better census of these hidden beasts.


Seeing Signs of the First Stars?

Astronomers have come upon the tantalizing signal from some of the universe’s first stars.


Weighing a Supermassive Black Hole

Combining a novel technique and a world-class telescope, astronomers have measured the mass of the supermassive black hole at the center of barred spiral NGC 1097.


Dark Galaxies Suffuse the Coma Cluster

Following on a surprising find reported last year, astronomers have now discovered almost 1,000 dark matter-rich galaxies in the Coma Cluster.

Mapping the Milky Way with embedded star clusters

Milky Way

Mapping the Outer Milky Way

Stars still embedded in their natal clouds act as signposts to map the Sagittarius-Carina, Perseus, and Outer spiral arms of the Milky Way.

Sky & Telescope's planisphere

Astronomy & Observing News S&T's Planisphere"}'>

Learn the Night Sky with S&T's Planisphere

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Hot Jupiter, reflected light and thermal emission


Hot Jupiters: Cloudy or Clear?

New analysis of Kepler observations shows that hot Jupiters' temperatures might predict their weather report.

Andromeda's halo


Spotting Andromeda Galaxy’s Giant Halo

Astronomers have detected a massive yet elusive nimbus of hot gas surrounding Andromeda Galaxy.


Mapping Dark Matter

Two projects are mapping the distribution of dark matter in the universe, probing scales both large and small.

High-energy X-rays in Milky Way's center

Stellar Science

Mysterious X-rays Spotted in Galactic Center

NASA’s NuSTAR mission has detected an unexpected haze of high-energy X-rays in our galaxy’s center, perhaps the signal of a mass stellar graveyard.

Solar flare

Stellar Science

Do Explosive Bursts Heat the Sun’s Corona?

New evidence suggests that nanoflares, small but potent bursts of energy, might heat the Sun’s atmosphere. But not everybody’s convinced.

NGC 5972 and the ghost of quasars past


Hubble Investigates Ghosts of Quasars Past

A galaxy-size blob of gas discovered eight years ago by a Dutch schoolteacher has galvanized the study of the spectral remains of once-bright quasars.

Einstein Ring of Fire


Ring-Shaped Spyglass to Early Universe

A rare type of gravitational lens offers astronomers a close look at a young, dusty galaxy manufacturing hundreds of stars a year.