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NASA's boulder-retrieval mission

Spacecraft and Space Missions

NASA Selects Asteroid Mission Concept

NASA has selected the design for its Asteroid Redirect Mission, opting to retrieve a boulder from a larger asteroid.



Potential dwarf galaxies


New Dwarf Galaxies Near Milky Way

Astronomers have found a set of new dwarf galaxy candidates near the Milky Way Galaxy, a discovery crucial to understanding dark matter.



Supernova Refsdal


Hubble Spots a Lensed Supernova

For the first time, astronomers are watching as a supernova’s light bends around a massive galaxy on its way to Earth.

Milky Way Galaxy, NASA / JPL-Caltech

Milky Way

New Stars On Strange Orbits in Milky Way

Astronomers have found two just-born star clusters an incredible 16,000 light-years above the plane of the Milky Way galaxy.

stars arond Sgr A*

Milky Way

New Stars in the Shadow of a Black Hole

New observations suggest that several dozen low-mass stars, and eventually perhaps even planets, are forming just 2 light-years from our galaxy’s supermassive black hole.

Trifid Nebula in near-infrared light

Milky Way

Cepheids Map Milky Way - and Beyond

Cepheid variable stars are helping astronomers see what our galaxy looks like from within.

Teacup Galaxy


Tempest in the Teacup Galaxy

New observations of the Teacup Galaxy show that even black holes with wimpy radio jets can quench a galaxy's star formation. An unassuming nearby galaxy nicknamed The Teacup (more formally known as J1430+1339) hides a tempest inside. The supermassive black hole at this galaxy's center is chowing down furiously on…

Barnard 5 star-forming filaments

Stellar Science

Before They Were (Binary) Stars

Astronomers have taken a behind-the-scenes look at a set of dense gas clumps, catching a quadruple star system in the fleeting act of formation.


Milky Way

Yellowballs: A New View of Star Formation

Thanks to the help of the general public, astronomers have discovered a new signature marking a hidden phase of star formation.


Exploring Exoplanet Origin Stories

Citizen scientists are exploring exoplanets’ birthplaces, classifying more than 1 million infrared sources and finding 37 disk candidates (so far) for follow-up study.



The Future of Exoplanet Hunts

As the Kepler mission shifts into its new mode of operations, multiple new searches for exoplanets are in the works.

artist's conception of BAO


BOSS: A Ruler to Measure Them All

Amidst the release of a treasure trove of astronomical data, scientists announce the most precise “standard ruler” yet for cosmological distances.

PHAT field for M31


Charting the Andromeda Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope has turned its ultraviolet, visible-light, and near-infrared eyes to the queen of galaxies, M31, capturing the biggest and sharpest image yet of our neighbor.

Solar System

Seeing the Sun with X-ray Vision

NASA’s NuSTAR mission recently returned a striking image that shows the Sun’s active regions crackling with X-rays.

Messenger's Mercury

People, Places, and Events

Help Name Mercury's Craters

The International Astronomical Union is hosting a public contest to name five of Mercury's craters, with a deadline of January 15.

Dwarf galaxy and its ejected black hole?

Black Holes

Evicted Black Hole or Weird Supernova?

Orphaned black hole or weird supernova? A mysterious source of radiation has left astronomers contemplating exotic explanations.

Coma Cluster


Dark Galaxies Discovered in Coma Cluster

A bizarre set of galaxies in the Coma Cluster have lost most of their stars (or star-making material), making them especially rich in dark matter.

Professional Telescopes

ALMA Image Reveals Planetary Genesis

An ALMA submillimeter-wavelength image unveils the dawn of planet formation around a surprisingly young star in unprecedented detail.