A minor printing error affected two charts in the first printing of Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas, as described at the bottom of this article. To help people with defective copies, we supplied correct versions of the affected charts as free downloads.

Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas

These problems were fixed in the second printing; to the best of our knowledge, all copies of the Pocket Sky Atlas now on sale are complete and correct. But we are continuing to make the corrected pages, as well as some adjoining ones, available as free downloads so that potential buyers can see what they would be getting for their money.

If you like what you see, click here to purchase the Pocket Sky Atlas from our online store.

In the printed atlas, even-odd chart pairs are on facing pages. For instance, Charts 54 and 55 effectively form a single 11-inch-wide chart, with slight overlap between facing pages. Click on one of the links below to download the corresponding page as a PDF file:

  • Chart 54 — Hercules, northwestern Ophiuchus
  • Chart 55 — Corona Borealis, Serpens Caput, part of Boötes
  • Chart 56 — southwestern Ophiuchus, northern Scorpius
  • Chart 57 — Libra and adjoining constellations
  • Chart 58 — Ara and southern Scorpius
  • Chart 59 — Lupus and eastern Centaurus
  • Chart C — close-up of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster
  • Chart Legend — Key to the SymbolsTo read or print the files, you'll need Adobe Reader software. If you don't already have a copy, visit to download a free copy.

    In the first printing of the Pocket Sky Atlas, two small pieces of Corona Borealis and Boötes were missing from Chart 55, and a few galaxies were missing from Chart C, the closeup of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster. If you stumble across a defective copy, the easiest way to fix it is to print out the corresponding PDFs, cut tiny rectangles to cover the defects, and tape them on with invisible mending tape.


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