Magnetic field lines on the Sun

Solar System

Parker Solar Probe Detects Source of Solar Wind

The Sun flings charged particles and accompanying magnetic fields into the solar system, but how? NASA's Parker Solar Probe dives in to find out.

Artist's concept of probe above Alfven surface

Solar System

“Humanity Has ‘Touched’ the Sun”

On its eighth close pass, NASA’s record-breaking Parker Solar Probe entered our star’s atmosphere and “touched” the surface of the Sun.

Infrared Jupiter

Solar System

Sights and Sounds of the Solar System

Spacecraft are returning sights and sounds from Venus, Jupiter, and beyond — here's a sampling.

Venus, imaged by Parker Solar Probe

Astronomy & Observing News

60-second Astro News: Venus Close-up and Supernova 1987A

Now, there's more evidence that astronomers have found the pulsar at the heart of Supernova 1987A. Plus, a new stunning image of Venus.

Parker Solar Probe

Solar System

Parker Solar Probe Releases New Details on Solar Wind

Scientists release a bevy of results from the Parker Solar Probe's first two passes near the Sun, including new details on so-called "rogue waves" in the solar wind.

Parker Solar Probe

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

First Science Returns from NASA's Parker Solar Probe

In the first public release of data from NASA’s flagship heliophysics mission, scientists on the Parker Solar Probe team reveal surprises and mysteries from our host star.

Dunn Solar Telescope

Professional Telescopes

Sunspot Solar Observatory Reopens After Mysterious Shutdown

After a 10-day lockdown to cooperate with a criminal investigation, Sunspot Solar Observatory is back to looking at the Sun.

Parker Solar Probe launch

Space Missions

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Launches to "Touch the Sun"

The unique Parker Solar Probe launched on Sunday, August 12th, set to fly faster and come closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before it.

Orbital Path Podcasts with Michelle Thaller

Orbital Path Podcast: Journey to the Sun

Nicki Viall, a heliophysicist at Goddard Space Flight Center, shares her excitement over the Parker Solar Probe — the spacecraft that will allow scientists to "touch" the Sun.

Parker Solar Probe

Solar System

NASA's Parker Solar Probe to Touch the Sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe, set to launch in 2018, will be humanity's first effort to "touch the Sun," revolutionizing our understanding of the Sun's corona, the solar wind, and the greater heliosphere.