The Milky Way soars over the Grand Canyon

People, Places, and Events

The Grand Canyon Star Party

Get ready for the Grand Canyon Star Party on June 10–17, 2023.

Stellafane observing field

Stargazer's Corner: Adventures Under the Night Sky

When Dusk Descends at Stellafane

A dazzling day greeted S&T Observing Editor Diana Hannikainen when she attended the Stellafane Convention this past August, but it was the dome of night sky that truly sparkled.

People, Places, and Events

Summer Star Party Season Is Here!

Summer star party season has begun - grab your scope or binoculars, pack a sleeping bag, and come and join the fun!

Explore the Night with Bob King

Ride "Big Blue" to Places You Never Knew

What does the sky look like through a 36-inch telescope? I found out at Ohio's Hidden Hollow Star Party last week. Here's my report and a few observing targets to share.

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Annual Star Parties in North America

Here’s the info you’ll need to “save the date” for some of the top stargazing events in the U.S. and Canada for the coming year.

First Look at the King of the Planets

Explore the Night with Bob King

Tips for a Successful Star Party

Planning a sidewalk stargazing event? Here are a few suggestions to make sure people walk away smiling.

Oregon Star Party

People, Places, and Events

Star Party Season Has Begun!

It’s time to get away from all those city lights and gather together to share in the secrets of the universe.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

A Spontaneous Star Party

A lunar eclipse gathers a crowd of congenial strangers.