Kitt Peak fire

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Wildfire Threatens Kitt Peak National Observatory

The Contreras wildfire has been threatening the historic Kitt Peak National Observatory in southern Arizona.

Mount Wilson wildfire

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Mount Wilson Escapes Wildfire; Amateur Observatory Destroyed

Firefighting crews held the line as wildfire threatened Mount Wilson; an amateur observatory built by the Tri-Valley Stargazers was not so lucky.

Lick Observatory

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Historic Lick Observatory Survives California Fire

The Lick Observatory, a major astronomical institution outside San Jose, has survived a devastating California wildfire mostly unscathed.

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Fire Damages Siding Spring Observatory

Yesterday bushfires swept through Australia's Warrumbungle National Park, home to Siding Spring Observatory. The telescopes there appear to have escaped harm, but some support facilities and staff homes were destroyed.

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McDonald Observatory Dodges Wildfire

The Rock House Fire has consumed more than 300 square miles in West Texas and came within about a mile of the telescopes atop Mount Locke before abating. But the nearby town of Fort Davis wasn't so fortunate.

Mount Wilson's 100-inch telescope

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Mount Wilson: One Year After the Fire

In August-September 2009, a raging wildfire nearly destroyed Mount Wilson Observatory. But heroic firefighting efforts saved the historic site, and life on the summit is slowly returning to normal.

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Two Observatories Saved from Wildfire

Although Southern California's devastating Station Fire still rages nearby, the Mount Wilson and Stony Ridge observatories have escaped destruction.

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Wildfires Threaten Arizona Observatories

A lightning-triggered fire raged up the slopes of Mount Graham and has come within a mile of the unfinished Large Binocular Telescope.

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Arizona Scopes Escape Wildfire

Intense firefighting efforts have saved the many telescopes of Steward Observatory northeast of Tucson.