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Mars from Phoenix lander

Solar System

Is Mars Too Salty for Life?

A just-published study, coincidentally appearing as Phoenix prepares to get the dirt on Martian habitability, argues that the Red Planet's soil is at least 10 to 100 times saltier than Earth's oceans.


A Rich Protoplanetary Soup

Infrared observations reveal a star with a protoplanetary disk infused with helpful organic compounds.

Astronomy and Society

Still Looking for Aliens

[email protected] is gearing up for a fresh influx of data.


A Star with Five Planets

The Sun-like star 55 Cancri, just 41 light-years away, is now known to have at least five planets orbiting it.

Solar System

One Less "Possibility of Life"?

Just because Saturn's moon Enceladus has active geysers doesn't mean it harbors alien life. That's the take-home message from an upcoming scientific paper.