S&T: Dennis di Cicco

In the 21st century, a German equatorial mount with Go To technology might seem rather ordinary. But when “Astro-Physics” appears on the nameplate, lots of people, especially advanced astrophotographers, take notice. The company’s new Mach 1 GTO ($5,950) is its first German equatorial mount introduced after almost all high-end astrophotographers have switched from film to digital imaging. The specially designed cable ways that allow routing wires through the declination and right-ascension axes are just one of the mount’s myriad features. Another is portability. At 26 pounds (11.8 kilograms), sans counterweight shaft, the mount is ideal for travel, even on airlines. And it’s rated for loads of up to 45 pounds, excluding counterweights. The Mach 1 GTO has advanced software routines to aid polar alignment in the field, too. Check out its other features on the company’s website.

Contact: Astro-Physics, 11250 Forest Hills Rd., Machesney Park, IL 61115; 815-282-1513; www.astro-physics.com

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