At 3:35 EST (or 6:35 AEST on November 14 if you're in Australia), the Moon will cover the Sun for a maximum of 4 minutes and 2 seconds. Two sites let you see the spectacle live online.

total solar eclipse

S&T: Dennis di Cicco

Not everyone can travel to Australia to watch the spectacular phenomenon of a total solar eclipse. But if you're not Down Under, at least you have options. Two live feeds will broadcast the eclipse, and we've listed the links below. Since the eclipse occurs just after dawn (6:35 a.m. AEST), that makes for a mid-afternoon view on the Eastern Seaboard (3:35 p.m. EST).

Tourism Tropical North Queensland in Cairns, Australia will host an online viewing party using the Cairns webcam. The camera will focus "just above trinity inlet where the sun and moon are expected to come in line with the earth," their website says.

SLOOH Space Camera will also host a live feed on their website, broadcast from their location in Cairns. The broadcast team includes, Patrick Paolucci, Bob Berman, Lucie Green, Matt Francis and Paul Cox.

Enjoy the view!


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