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Erosita's first all-sky X-ray survey

Professional Telescopes

First All-sky Map from eRosita

The first all-sky X-ray map to be released in 30 years reveals new wonders of the hot and energetic universe.

Roman Space Telescope

Astronomy and Society

NASA Renames WFIRST: The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

NASA is renaming its next flagship space observatory to honor pioneering NASA astronomer and "Mother of Hubble," Nancy Grace Roman.

NGC 2014 and NGC 2020

Space Missions

Celebrating 30 Years: The Universe Through Hubble's Eye

Amateurs celebrate the venerable space telescope’s 30th anniversary with a look at some of its most mesmerizing images.

North American Nebula

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Spitzer's Legacy: One of NASA's Great Observatories Ends Its Mission

NASA’s premier eye on the infrared sky is shutting down after operating more than three times longer than designed.

Zoomed-in Image of the Sun from the Inouye Telescope

Professional Telescopes

First Light from the World's Largest Solar Telescope

The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope has taken its first image of the Sun, a detailed view of our star's boiling gases that far surpasses what was possible before. Science operations are set to begin later this year.

DESI First Light

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Dark Energy Survey Instrument Sees First Light

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument is poised to record millions of galaxies as far back as 11 billion years ago to unveil the nature of dark energy.

Large Magellanic Cloud in X-rays

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First Light for German X-ray Telescope EROSITA

The EROSITA X-ray telescope aboard the German-Russian Spektr-RG satellite has taken its first images of the hot universe.

Thirty Meter Telescope at night

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Maunakea Observatories Shuttered Amid Protests (Update: Observatories Have Reopened)

As protests against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope continue, the directors of Maunakea Observatories have taken the unprecedented move of closing all observatories atop the mountain.

EROSITA's seven mirror modules

Professional Telescopes

German-Russian Astronomy Satellite Launches

Spektrum-Röntgen-Gamma, a long-delayed and much-modified X-ray astronomy package, launched successfully from the Kazakh Steppe on Saturday.

Thirty Meter Telescope at night

People, Places, and Events

Thirty Meter Telescope Set to Begin Construction

Hawaiian Governor David Ige and the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory have announced that construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope will begin the week of July 15th.

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Happy Birthday, Lowell Observatory!

One of the nation's most famous observatories turns 125 years old. Let's all wish it a Happy Birthday!

Simulation of neutron star - black hole merger

Black Holes

Gravitational-wave Detectors Come Online, Find Possible Black Hole-Neutron Star Crash

Only a month into a new observing run, gravitational-wave observatories have announced five new signals — one of which could turn out to be a black hole swallowing a neutron star.

Andromeda in ZTF field of view

Professional Telescopes

New Astro Camera Spots Thousands of Celestial Flare-ups

A vision from 70 years ago, the Zwicky Transient Facility has produced a wave of discoveries — but it’s only a hint of what’s to come.

Dunn Solar Telescope

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Sunspot Solar Observatory Reopens After Mysterious Shutdown

After a 10-day lockdown to cooperate with a criminal investigation, Sunspot Solar Observatory is back to looking at the Sun.

Arecibo Observatory radar system

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Arecibo Observatory Emerges from Storm with $6M Upgrade

The famed Arecibo Observatory has faced down several funding challenges in recent years, and a hurricane to boot, but now a new project is making the radio dish more relevant to astronomy than ever.

James Webb Space Telescope

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NASA Sets March 2021 Launch Date for James Webb Space Telescope

Despite significant cost overruns, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is now set for a March 2021 launch — assuming it receives Congressional reauthorization.

James Webb Space Telescope

Space Missions

James Webb Telescope Delayed Until 2020

NASA officials announced Wednesday that the James Webb Space Telescope launch would be delayed until approximately May 2020. But before the mission can launch, its managers may have to face Congress.

James Webb Space Telescope

Space Missions

James Webb Space Telescope: Additional Delays "Likely"

A non-partisan government office has issued a report warning of additional delays for the James Webb Space Telescope, which could pit the mission against its funding cap.

binary supermassive black hole

Stellar Science

60-Second Astro News: Merging Black Holes, Distant Super-Supernova, and Arecibo's Fate

Supermassive black holes en route to merger have strange dynamics in their gas disks. Astronomers have spotted the most distant spectroscopically confirmed supernova. And NSF decides the fate of the Arecibo Observatory.


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Explore The Southern Sky with SkyMapper

A new telescope called the SkyMapper has charted stars and galaxies across the southern sky, producing a map called "the best ever created."