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Star before and after adaptive optics

Professional Telescopes

Next-Gen Adaptive Optics

The Subaru Telescope has donned a new pair of glasses called Raven, a multi-object adaptive optics system that enables astronomers to correct for atmospheric turbulence over an unprecedented field of view.

European Extremely Large Telescope

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Groundbreaking for Europe's Giant Telescope

The top of Cerro Armazones in Chile yielded on June 19th to a blast that paves the way for the European Extremely Large Telescope.


Hidden Treasures in Hubble Images

A new processing technique has revealed once-invisible planetary disks encircling five stars imaged in Hubble’s archive.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Pro-Am Collaboration Yields Stunning Images

Amateur astronomers have teamed up with the pros to produce four stunning multiwavelength images of galaxies M101, M81, M51, and Centaurus A.

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Starbugs: Mini Robots Go Observing

Miniature robots crawling along glass plates will help big surveys collect light from hundreds of thousands of galaxies.

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Will This New Technology Transform Astronomy?

Astronomy is ready for the next generation of detectors, and superconductors are at the heart of the coming revolution.

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Planck Spacecraft Shut Down

After four years of exquisite observations, the latest mission to study the universe's earliest light has been shuttered. But this end is a happy one and comes with a significant cosmological legacy.

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17-Day ALMA Strike Ends in Resolution

The 17-day strike at the world’s largest ground-based observatory ended Saturday, and ALMA's revolutionary observations of the millimeter/submillimeter sky restart today.

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Green Bank Telescope's $1,000,000 Boost

Threatened by NSF cuts, the Green Bank Telescope signed a deal with West Virginia University to receive $1 million over the next two years. But the radio antenna will need more than that to survive long-term.

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Glimpse the X-ray Sky

Time and tide wait for no man. So the XMM-Newton space telescope is making every second count. As the telescope shifts its gaze from source to source, it's recording the X-ray sky.

Black Holes

Magnifying Quasars

Twinkle, twinkle, quasi-star: cosmic lenses could tell us what you are.

Testing the IRIS spacecraft

Spacecraft and Space Missions

IRIS Tackles Coronal Mystery

Solar physicists hope NASA’s latest space observatory, the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, can finally discover what heats the Sun’s million-degree corona.

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My Hour in the Stratosphere

The stars were not aligned when one of Sky & Telescope's editors signed up to ride NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.

Science and Space Policy

Sequestration's Impact on Astronomy

From international travel to interplanetary probes, the U.S. budget cuts are having impacts on both ground- and space-based astronomy.

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A Cosmic Sleight of Hand

Astronomers have been waiting for our galaxy’s slumbering supermassive black hole to stir for a snack. Instead, the universe handed them a different treat.

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Herschel Breathes Its Last

After nearly four years of successful observing, the largest infrared space telescope ever launched has run out of cryogenic coolant, permanently ending its science operations.

Black Holes

When Supergiants Explode

Astronomers have announced a new class of gamma-ray bursts, possibly created when some of the biggest stars in the universe go supernova.

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Alma Observatory Inaugurated

The future is now — the world’s most powerful radio telescope array was inaugurated yesterday.

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NuSTAR’s New Views

NASA’s newest high-energy X-ray telescope has released two stunning images of a stellar explosion and ravenous black holes.

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Fire Damages Siding Spring Observatory

Yesterday bushfires swept through Australia's Warrumbungle National Park, home to Siding Spring Observatory. The telescopes there appear to have escaped harm, but some support facilities and staff homes were destroyed.