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Aerial view of LIGO Hanford


About The LIGO Gravitational-Wave Rumor. . .

Gossip is racing around the physics and astronomy community: has LIGO finally heard its first black-hole merger? Here’s the reality.


Professional Telescopes

Unique Scope Searches for Space Junk

NASA's new remote observatory located on a windswept island in the mid-Atlantic provides a critical capability for tracking space junk.

Earth on October 19, 2015

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

DSCOVRing Earth

An innovative Earth-observing satellite now shows near-daily views of our home planet online.

Aerial view of LIGO Hanford

Professional Telescopes

Advanced LIGO On the Hunt

What exciting new discoveries await astronomers in the field of gravitational wave astronomy?

High-Definition Space Telescope (HDST)

Science and Space Policy

High Definition Space Telescope — Hubble’s Successor?

A proposal released earlier this month calls for a giant orbiting space telescope that may revolutionize astronomy.

Stellar Science

New Ultra-Deep Star Catalog Released

With the initial release of the USNO's Robotic Astrometric Catalog (URAT1), astronomers now have precise positions for about 228 million stars in the northern sky. Given my love of stone walls, I've been thinking about building one in the backyard to enclose the flower beds. But I haven't had the…

Professional Telescopes

Microwave Ovens Spark Radio Signals

After 17 years, researchers using the Parkes radio telescope in Australia have identified the culprit behind a mysterious type of radio signal: two on-site microwave ovens.

TMT protest on April 2, 2015

Astronomy and Society

More Discord Over Thirty Meter Telescope

Clashes over building the premier telescope in the Northern Hemisphere and preserving Mauna Kea as a sacred site have intensified.

David Dunlap Observatory

People, Places, and Events

Amateurs Given David Dunlap Observatory

After serving as caretakers of Canada's largest telescope for years, volunteers from the RASC's Toronto club have been given the historic facility outright.

eagle nebula in visible and infrared

Professional Telescopes

New Look at Eagle Nebula

The Hubble Space Telescope is commemorating its 25th anniversary with a second look at the Pillars of Creation — but there’s hard science behind these pretty pictures.

Lick's Great Refractor

Professional Telescopes

Lick Observatory Gets a Reprieve

Last year the University of California ordered its astronomers to make historic Lick Observatory self-supporting by 2018. Now there's been a change of heart, and the university will continue to pay for its operation.


ALMA Image Reveals Planetary Genesis

An ALMA submillimeter-wavelength image unveils the dawn of planet formation around a surprisingly young star in unprecedented detail.


Professional Telescopes

Closure Averted for World-Class Observatory

The University of Hawai'i, in partnership with the University of Arizona and Lockheed Martin, will sustain operations of the UKIRT infrared telescope.

Aerial view of Thirty Meter Telescope

Astronomy and Society

Work Begins on Thirty Meter Telescope

Officials proceeded with groundbreaking ceremonies for the world's largest optical telescope on October 7th amid protests from native Hawaiians who oppose it.

Star before and after adaptive optics

Professional Telescopes

Next-Gen Adaptive Optics

The Subaru Telescope has donned a new pair of glasses called Raven, a multi-object adaptive optics system that enables astronomers to correct for atmospheric turbulence over an unprecedented field of view.

European Extremely Large Telescope

Professional Telescopes

Groundbreaking for Europe's Giant Telescope

The top of Cerro Armazones in Chile yielded on June 19th to a blast that paves the way for the European Extremely Large Telescope.


Hidden Treasures in Hubble Images

A new processing technique has revealed once-invisible planetary disks encircling five stars imaged in Hubble’s archive.

Professional Telescopes

Pro-Am Collaboration Yields Stunning Images

Amateur astronomers have teamed up with the pros to produce four stunning multiwavelength images of galaxies M101, M81, M51, and Centaurus A.

Professional Telescopes

Starbugs: Mini Robots Go Observing

Miniature robots crawling along glass plates will help big surveys collect light from hundreds of thousands of galaxies.

Professional Telescopes

Will This New Technology Transform Astronomy?

Astronomy is ready for the next generation of detectors, and superconductors are at the heart of the coming revolution.