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Solar System

A Ringside View of Uranus

Astronomers have assembled an armada of telescopes to observe Uranus in a way that hasn't been possible since the 1960s.

Space Missions

Martian Dustup Has an Impact

As a storm rages in Mars's atmosphere, two rovers on the surface and three orbiters above wait for the dust to settle.

Space Missions

Dawn's Liftoff Delayed to September

When delays narrowed the spacecraft's July launch window to just a few days, NASA managers decide to wait two months.

Space Missions

Mars Pole Bound — Again

NASA is set to launch its latest Mars mission, the Phoenix lander, as early as August 3rd.

Solar System

Let's Hope Dawn Doesn't Break!

When NASA's Dawn spacecraft leaves Earth behind on Sunday, it'll begin an 8-year asteroid-hopping adventure.

Space Missions

Return of the Sponge Moon

Back in 2005 we reported why Hyperion had a sponge-like appearance. Turns out that our old story is dead wrong!

Solar System

What a Difference a Decade Makes

It's been a decade since Mars Pathfinder touched the surface of Mars and heralded a new era of Martian exploration.

Ceres in cutaway

Solar System

Ceres: The Wet Look

Mounting evidence suggests that the largest asteroid is hiding a large cache of water ice beneath its surface.

ACME Mapper

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Out of Reach

Some things to look at and think about while this blogger is away.

Weird moon Prometheus

Solar System

Is there another planet besides Earth whose moon(s) would fit perfectly over the Sun?

It is amazing when you think about the coincidence of the Sun being 400 times bigger than our Moon, yet 400 times farther away, producing an almost perfect fit for a total solar eclipse. Is there another planet whose moon(s) would fit perfectly over the Sun, or are we just…

Centaur 2nd-stage rocket

Celestial News & Events

What was the cloud spotted near the western horizon August 31, 2004?

Around 9 p.m. on August 31, 2004, I saw a bright patch of light about half the size of the Moon near the western horizon. It moved slowly upward and fluctuated somewhat in brightness. Through an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope here in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, there were two points of light…

Solar System

Call for Observations: Saturn's Moons

Advanced amateurs with CCD-equipped telescopes are encouraged to measure the "opposition effect" — a brightening expected to occur in the Saturnian system during this upcoming opposition (January 13–14).

Solar System

A New Comet Machholz

Found lurking among the dim stars of the constellation Eridanus, Don Machholz's 10th cometary find will brighten steadily in the months ahead.

Solar System

A Comet's Brush with the Sun

The SOHO spacecraft watched as a comet swung past the Sun.

Solar System

Moon Study Tracks Changes in Earth's Cloud Cover

Scientists are looking to the Moon to learn about Earth's climate change.

Solar System

Cassini Calls on Phoebe

Cassini's first rendezvous with a Saturnian moon was a date to remember.

Solar System

Storm Watch on Mars

If events of the past 30 years are an indication, there's a good chance that the Martian landscape may soon be cloaked by a major dust storm.

Solar System

Another Martian Dust Storm

Less than one month after a localized dust storm appeared on the Martian surface, another dust cloud has spring up.

Solar System

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in 2003

With our detailed charts, you'll be able to locate the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto the rest of the year.

Solar System

All Eyes on Pluto

July's encounters with two 12th-magnitude stars could rewrite the textbooks on the Pluto-Charon system.