Pocket Sky Atlas cover, Jumbo edition

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Here’s What’s New in the Pocket Sky Atlas, 2nd Edition

Sky & Telescope presents the second edition of its most popular celestial atlases, the Pocket Sky Atlas and the Jumbo Pocket Sky Atlas!

S&T's solar eclipse globe

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An Eclipse Globe for the 21st Century

Sky & Telescope, in partnership with Great American Eclipse, presents the first-ever solar eclipse globe — showing the paths of 75 total and hybrid solar eclipses through the year 2100.

Creating the

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How We Create the "Skygazer's Almanac"

Sky & Telescope's year-at-a-glance guide to celestial happenings is a symphony of detailed calculations and clear, elegant design.

Sky & Telescope's Pluto globe

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Sky & Telescope's Pluto Globe is Here!

This beautifully detailed 6-inch globe lets you explore the amazing geology revealed by New Horizons during its historic 2015 flyby.

Sky & Telescope's Celestial Globe

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Introducing Sky & Telescope's Celestial Globe

Our state-of-the-art representation of the entire celestial sphere lets you explore the stars above as never before.

globe of mercury

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Insights from S&T's Family of Planet Globes

Pictures are great, but there's nothing like holding another world in your hands to appreciate its unique characteristics. True confession: even from childhood, I have always been a map junkie. Sure, I use GPS these days, but my car is still stuffed with road maps. The National Geographic Atlas of…

Sky & Telescope's Earth Globe

People, Places, and Events

Introducing Sky & Telescope's Earth Globe

Satellite imagery and other datasets come together to show our home planet from mountaintop to ocean bottom.

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First Mercury Globe Now Available

Sky & Telescope announces the first-ever globe of Mercury, pieced together from the latest images taken by the Messenger spacecraft. It's now available on our online store!

Lunar globes compared

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Sky & Telescope's New Moon Globe

The year-long effort was time consuming and tedious, but S&T's staff is proud to unveil the first wholly new globe of the lunar surface in more than four decades.