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Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Live Astrophotography Tutorial: PixInsight Primer

Sky & Telescope is starting a series of webinars with premier astrophotographers that have a look in each of the image-processing software on the market today: our first is an overview of PixInsight with guest expert Warren Keller.

Dennis di Cicco at the scope

People, Places, and Events

Former S&T Editor Wins Award

The North East Region of the Astronomical League (NERAL) announces the presentation of the prestigious 2015 NERAL Walter Scott Houston award to former Sky & Telescope editor Dennis di Cicco.

New Product Showcase

Sky-Watcher's AZ-EQ5 GT Mount

Sky-Watcher's AZ-EQ5 GT Mount ($1,649), a multi-purpose Go To telescope mount, is equally useful as a German equatorial mount, or operating in alt-azimuth mode.

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Quark H-Alpha Filter

DayStar Filters introduces the Quark ($995), a compact solar hydrogen-alpha filter for fast refractors.

Astronomy & Observing News

Visit Iceland and Shoot the Northern Lights!

Sky & Telescope's third annual trip to Iceland, this time accompanied by Equipment Editor Sean Walker, provides a fantastic opportunity to photograph the aurora borealis.

Northeast Astronomy Forum

People, Places, and Events

Come to NEAF This Weekend!

This weekend features the world's largest astronomy expo, the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF), in Suffern, New York.

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The Nexus Digital Setting Circle from Astro Devices

Astro Devices introduces the Nexus DSC ($449.95), a digital setting circle computer for your telescope.

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Hawai'i Nights

See Hawai'i by starlight through the lens of premier astrophotographer Rogelio Bernal Andreo. His first book, Hawai‘i Nights, documents his island adventure.

clouds on Mars 2012

Solar System

The Mysterious Martian "Plumes"

An anomalous “cloud” imaged by amateurs in 2012 has puzzled astronomers, spurring some to suggest it was at inexplicably high altitudes above Mars’s surface.

People, Places, and Events

Donald C. Parker, 1939-2015

Donald C. Parker, a planetary imaging pioneer, passed away in Miami, Florida on February 22, 2015.

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Vixen Optics: Sphinx SX2 Equatorial Mount

Vixen’s New Sphinx SX2 German Equatorial Go To mount ($1,599) features precision motors and a hand controller.

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Meade's Series 5000 Mega Wide Angle Eyepieces

Meade Instruments unveils its new Series 5000 Mega Wide Angle eyepieces, featuring an expansive 100° apparent field of view.

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Lodestar X2 Autoguider from Starlight Xpress

Starlight Xpress announces the Lodestar X2 Autoguider ($649), a tiny imaging and autoguiding camera.

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Thousand Year Canon of Eclipses: 1501 to 2500

Thousand Year Canon of Solar Eclipses: 1501 to 2500 is a comprehensive catalog of essential characteristics of each of the 2,389 solar eclipses occurring throughout this 10-century period, and Thousand Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses: 1501 to 2500 documents 2,424 lunar eclipses in the same time frame.

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Baader f/2 Highspeed Filter Series

Baader Planetarium unveils its newest series of narrowband imaging filters specifically designed for fast astrographs.

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Universal Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter

iOptron's Universal Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter ($58) allows users to take snapshots of the Moon, planets, the Sun (with proper filtering), and even some of the brightest deep-sky objects.

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NGC-MAX Positioning Kit

Now you can have all the Messier, NGC, and IC catalog objects available at the push of a button for your dual-mounted telescopes - Jim's Mobile Incorporated now offers encoders and hardware to mate its popular NGC-MAX positioning computer to the Explore Scientific Twilight II alt-az telescope mount (a complete kit with NGC-MAX computer sells for $729).

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Astrophotography Book by Thierry Legault

Author and world-renowned astrophotographer Thierry Legault teaches you the art and techniques of astro-imaging in his book Astrophotography ($39.95, or $31.95 in eBook format).

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Spectra-L200 Slit Spectrograph

JTW Astronomy announces the Spectra-L200 ($1,830), a slit spectrograph for amateur telescopes. Explore stars, nebulae, and distant quasars from your backyard.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Watch Asteroid Juno Occult a Star

Watch an asteroid approach a star and block its light, all in a fraction of a second.