Super-Earth Family Portrait


Three Nearby Exoplanets to Explore

A trio of nearby exoplanets make tempting new targets for next-gen telescopes.

Illustration of surface of planet orbiting Barnard's star


A Chilly Super-Earth May Orbit Barnard's Star

One of the closest stars to the Sun hosts a planet at least three times as massive as our own where temperatures might be just low enough to freeze liquid water.


Volcanoes on a Super-Earth?

Observations of nearby super-Earth 55 Cancri e reveal huge, as-yet unexplained changes in the exoplanet’s infrared emission, and volcanoes are one possible cause.


Two Ancient Exoplanets Discovered

Kapteyn’s star — a nearby star that likely formed outside this galaxy — hosts two planets more than twice as old as Earth.

Cloudy Super-Earth


Weather on Alien Worlds

From high-altitude clouds discovered on a super-Earth to massive, hurricane-force storms on a nearby brown dwarf, a bevy of results show that the age of “astrometeorology” is upon us.


Are Super-Earths Really Super?

Most alien planets are nothing like what we've got in the solar system. Scientists are homing in on these mysterious worlds to see what they’re made of.


Almost Earth-like Exoplanets

NASA’s Kepler mission has discovered a 5-planet system that includes a hot Mars and four super-Earths, two of which might host liquid water. These aren’t quite the Earth-like exoplanets Kepler’s been looking for, but they’re close.


The Hottest, Densest Super-Earth Yet

Two research teams combine forces to study the wildest exoplanet yet identified.


A Steamy Super-Earth?

For the first time, astronomers have detected the atmosphere of an exoplanet that is not a gas giant.


Super-Earth "Planet From Hell" Refined

CoRoT-7b, a hot super-Earth orbiting an orange dwarf in Monoceros, had proved to be rocky, not gaseous. It's truly a Dante-like inferno, with liquid-lava temperatures on one side and unearthly cold on the other.


Signs Found of Many “Super-Earths”

Jupiter-like exoplanets are outnumbered by smaller planets three to one, say astronomers describing their cutting-edge work in progress.

Super-Earth around Gliese 581

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"Super-Earth" Found

Astronomers have detected a planet around a nearby star that's not too cold, not too hot, and not much bigger than Earth.