Stellar Science

Two New Beasts for an Explosive Zoo

And that makes three: Astronomers are beginning to understand what may be causing a special kind of flare in the distant universe.

Deep Sky

Supernovae Light Up in M61 and NGC 3643

Two new supernovae for amateur telescopes are keeping things lively this month.

Brightest supernova

Stellar Science

Astronomers Detect One of the Most Luminous Supernovae Ever

One of the most luminous supernovae ever discovered provides evidence that such extremely bright explosions require exotic sources.

Location of AT2018cow

Stellar Science

Celestial Event Dubbed "The Cow" Puzzles Astronomers

Astronomers can't agree on what kind of strange stellar death created a brilliant source dubbed "the Cow."

Stellar Science

Amateur Astronomer Captures Supernova’s First Light

In 2016 an amateur astronomer was testing his camera — and captured the first flash of a supernova.

Zwicky Transient Facility first light image in Orion

Professional Telescopes

Sky-sweeping Telescope Sees First Light

The Zwicky Transient Facility has taken its first image, covering an area equivalent to 247 full Moons in a single shot. This beginning is part of an ongoing sea change in astronomy.

Celestial News & Events

Sky Surprises: New Comet ASASSN1, Nova in Scutum, and Supernova in Pisces!

Between the discovery of the new comet ASASSN1 and two stellar explosions, there's a lot happening in the sky this week. Take your telescope out and see what all the excitement's about.

Hubble observations of failed supernova

Stellar Science

Potential “Failed Supernova” Black Hole Discovered

Astronomers may have watched a star collapse directly into a black hole — minus the supernova. The failed supernova could help understand how stars die.

Stellar Science

The Resurgence of the Brightest Supernova

In 2015 ASASSN-15lh gained fame as the most luminous supernova ever discovered. Almost a year later and against all odds, the supernova has rebrightened.

Supernovae Simulations Carve Local Bubble

Stellar Science

Long-Ago Supernovae Littered Earth

Roughly 2 million years ago, as the human ancestor homo erectus was descending from the trees, two supernovae exploded nearby and showered Earth with debris.


Stellar Science

Brightest Supernova Baffles Astronomers

The most luminous supernova ever discovered, ASASSN-15lh, challenges a popular theory for blazingly bright exploding stars.

ASASSN-15lh finder chart

Stellar Science

The Most Luminous Supernova

Astronomers have discovered an exploding star that belongs to the "superluminous" class, and it's the most luminous one ever found.


GRBs: A New Standard Candle?

Astronomers might be on the brink of developing a new rung on the cosmic distance ladder.