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Space Missions

Planck and Herschel to Probe Inflation and Starbirth

The Herschel Space Observatory and the Planck Surveyor, launched May 14th on a single Ariane 5 rocket, will peer deeply into dust clouds and map the microwave background.

Space Missions

Auroras from "Space Tornadoes"

Another confusing piece of the puzzle has been added to the picture of how the Northern Lights work.

Astronomy and Society

Hubble Telescope's 19th Birthday

The greatest of NASA's Great Observatories rocketed into space 19 years ago. After a rocky start, it fulfilled its promise as Astronomy's Discovery Machine.

Solar System

What's Going on Inside Enceladus?

One of Saturn's icy moons has a tummy ache, causing it to spew jets of gas and icy particles hundreds of miles into space. Researchers aren't sure of the cause — but they have some interesting guesses!

Space Missions

NASA Readies Hubble Mission — Again

For the second time in six months, a Space Shuttle is perched on a Florida launch pad, awaiting the chance to visit the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope for the last time.

Ice around a Martian crater

Solar System

Craters Reveal Ice in the Martian Dust

High-resolution images from orbit reveal tiny craters — created within the past year — surrounded by splashes of water ice dredged up from just below the Martian surface.

Phoenix's powered landing

Space Missions

(Drops of) Water on Mars?

Last year, as a camera aboard the Phoenix lander looked on, drops of supersalty water grew, merged, and even dripped on one of the spacecraft's landing legs.

Space Missions

Super Sendoff for Planet-Hunting Kepler

After a dramatic and flawless liftoff, NASA's newest space observatory is getting ready to observe a tract of Milky May with a single-minded purpose: find as many alien worlds as it can.

Chinese lunar explorer

Space Missions

Chinese Craft Whacks the Moon

Chang'e 1, a spacecraft that's been in lunar orbit for 16 months, has been sent crashing into the Moon by its Chinese handlers. The impact site was on the near side, but it's unclear whether anyone on Earth saw it — or was even looking for it.

Solar System

Earth-and-Sun Diamond Ring

Japan's Kaguya spacecraft, orbiting the Moon, captured this spectacular interplanetary vista as both the Sun and Earth rose over the lunar horizon on February 9th.

Space Missions

Dawn's Fleeting Fling with Mars

An asteroid-bound spacecraft sped past the Red Planet today, picking up speed and giving its instruments a little target practice.

Solar System

Moon's Puzzling, Thick-Skinned Far Side

Ours is a two-faced Moon. The familiar side is mottled with vast plains of ancient lava. But the unseen far side has a thick, rigid crust that doesn't give up its secrets easily.

Space Missions

Cosmic Collision Over Siberia

Don't get too worked up about the pair of spacecraft that collided in orbit on February 10th.

Space Missions

Hayabusa Heads Home

Crippled by multiple system failures, a Japanese spacecraft continues its against-all-odds struggle to return to Earth after landing on an asteroid 3½ years ago.


A Supermassive Double Black Hole?

A far-off quasar seems to contain two giant black holes hurtling around each other less than a light-year apart. They're doomed to spiral together and join in a literally space-shaking crash — but when?

Space Missions

Hubble: You're in Control!

have you ever wanted to have a say in what the world's most powerful telescope looks at? From now until March 31st, you can!

Space Missions

Our Roving Martian Ambassadors

NASA's long-lived rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have survived five (Earth) years on Mars, far exceeding their planned 90-day missions. How much longer can they last?

Space Missions

Hubble's Replacement Now Taking Shape

Testing has begun on the first of 18 mirror segments for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, the gargantuan craft that will join the aging Hubble in space as early as 2013 — and eventually replace it as NASA's premier space observatory.


Martian Mega-Rover Gets a "Time Out"

Plagued by a technical obstacles that could threaten its success, a $2 billion Mars rover has been postponed two years by NASA officials. The Mars Science Laboratory's new launch date is 2011.

Stellar Science

Betelgeuse is Making Waves

The famously red supergiant star that marks Orion's shoulder is creating an enormous shock wave as it plows through the interstellar medium. New infrared views from a Japanese space observatory called Akari show what's going on with unprecedented clarity.