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Solar System

Mercury: The Incredible Shrinking Planet

During its first flyby of Mercury, NASA"s Messenger spacecraft found much less iron on the planet’s surface than expected and a cloud of ionized atoms — including water — caught up in the planet’s magnetosphere. And that’s just for starters.

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SOHO Tallies Its 1500th Comet

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory has now found more comets than all other comet discoverers put together — not bad for a spacecraft that was designed to study the Sun.

Ulysses spacecraft

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Ulysses' Space Odyssey Ends on July 1st

The only space mission ever to study the Sun’s poles directly will turn off at month’s end after a long life of trial and triumph.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

GLAST Heads Up, Up, and Away!

NASA's newest space observatory is safely in orbit and getting ready to probe the high-energy universe.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Moonlets Perturb Saturn’s Ring

New observations from Cassini show small satellites are responsible for Saturn's F ring looking a little frazzled.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

NASA UV Satellite Powers Down

After five years in orbit, CHIPSat enters a hibernation that may — or may not — be permanent.

Solar System

"Holy Cow!" — Phoenix Spots Ice

If the Phoenix lander hadn't been able to find ice on Mars within reach of its robotic arm, NASA scientists would have been majorly bummed. They needn't have worried.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

GLAST Ready to Go

Next week, NASA will launch its latest space observatory to provide our best look at the most powerful beacons in the universe.

Mars from Phoenix lander


Is Mars Too Salty for Life?

A just-published study, coincidentally appearing as Phoenix prepares to get the dirt on Martian habitability, argues that the Red Planet's soil is at least 10 to 100 times saltier than Earth's oceans.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Phoenix Readies for Arctic Adventure

So far, so good. NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has reached the north-polar plains of Mars, and scientists on Earth are getting ready to put it to work.

Solar System

Phoenix's Amazing Photo Finish

Whether by precise planning, good luck, or both, a high-power camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured the Phoenix lander during its parachute descent with a menacing crater looming in the background.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Phoenix: Redemption at Mars

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has dropped gently onto the north-polar plain of Mars — easing painful memories of a similar craft lost 8 years ago and rewarding its anxious handlers with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Spirit's tracks uncover silica deposits that hint at past hydrothermal activity.

Solar System

Mars Rover Unearths Ancient Hot Springs

The Mars rover Spirit uncovers evidence for hydrothermal activity on the Red Planet and a possible cache for microbial fossils.

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Matter of Scale

Some ways to get your head around cosmic orders of magnitude.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Find a Missing Mars Lander!

Ever since it crash-landed in 1999, NASA's Mars Polar Lander has been playing "hide and seek" with scientists trying to locate its remains. Now they want you to try.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Hubble Servicing Delayed

NASA's upcoming service call on the Hubble Space Telescope won't happen till late September or early October.

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Happy Birthday, Hubble!

Eighteen years ago today, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery deployed the Hubble Space Telescope. And what an 18 years it's been!

Solar System

The Sun Really Rocks!

Newly released video shows that the entire Sun shimmies and shakes in the aftermath of a big solar flare.

Distant Pioneer

Spacecraft and Space Missions

"Pioneer Anomaly" Solved?

The first spacecraft to reach the outer solar system have been mysteriously slowing down for decades. Put aside the exotic explanations; it may be just a matter of heat.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Phobos Gets a Close-up

The small army of spacecraft now operating on and around Mars don't spend all their time watching the Red Planet. Check out this just-released view of one of Mars's moons.