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Supernova in M51

A 14th-magnitude supernova is shining near the nucleus of the Whirlpool Galaxy, M51, after being discovered by an amateur astronomer on June 28, 2005.

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Perseids 2005: A First Report

Despite only average rates, this year's shower brought an unusual proportion of bright meteors.


The Comet After Deep Impact

Follow Comet Tempel 1 with your telescope using our charts — and read what others have been seeing.

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The Moon Occults Fiery Antares

Set your alarm clock to watch the last-quarter Moon cross a first-magnitude star on the morning of March 3rd.

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The July 17–18 Occultation of Antares

Watch the gibbous Moon cover the bright star Antares on Sunday night — if you're in the right place!

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Astro News Briefs: June 6–12

Deep Impact's Vision
Bogus Mars Chain Letter


Three Planets Bunch Up in Twilight

Venus, Mercury, and Saturn are performing a slow dance low in the western sky at dusk.

Asteroid 2 Pallas


Pallas in the Realm of the Galaxies

Catch Pallas, the year's brightest asteroid, as it traverses the Virgo Galaxy Cluster.

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New Type of Exoplanet:
A Hybrid Earth-Uranus

An artist's concept of the seven-Earth-mass planet closely orbiting the red-dwarf star Gliese 876. In reality, the planet might have no atmosphere (like a giant Mercury), a thin atmosphere allowing a view of the surface as shown here, or a very thick atmosphere almost like Uranus or Neptune. Such a…

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Caught At Last! Swift Pinpoints a
Short Gamma-Ray Burst

An orbiting gamma-ray observatory pins down a site for one of the universe's biggest mysteries.

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Comet Machholz on the Wane

A fine binocular comet will be beautifully high in the evening sky for months to come.


Big Sunspot in View

After weeks of low activity, the Sun is displaying a huge spot that you can see with nothing but a safe solar filter.

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Philip Morrison, 1915–2005

A leading light of physics and science popularization has died at 89.

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More on the April 8th Solar Eclipse

Eclipse watchers ducking clouds share some spectacular snapshots.

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The April 8th Eclipse: Webcasts and Live Streamings

Most of us just get a partial eclipse or none at all on April 8, 2005, but lots of people and groups in the line of totality or annularity will be webcasting the show. Here are some links.

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Auroras Aren't Mirror Images

More goes into shaping the Northern and Southern Lights than Earth scientists once thought.

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The April 8th Eclipse of the Sun

In early April, observers in many parts of the Americas will see the Moon make a dent in the edge of the Sun.

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The April 24th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Observing an eclipse isn't usually challenging, but detecting the pale outer fringe of Earth's shadow on the full lunar face can be tricky.

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NGC 1316: Dust in the Wind

Dust clouds silhouetted against the giant galaxy NGC 1316 are all that remain of a swallowed spiral.

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Astro Image in the News:
Rosetta Buzzes Earth

Many sky photographers caught the little Rosetta probe as it whizzed by Earth on its way to landing on a comet in 2014.