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Canon Clip-In Filters from Astronomik

Astronomik now produces clip-in filters for Canon EOS M-series mirrorless cameras. Prices start at €139 (about $175) for a CLS Clip-Filter.

Totality on August 21, 2017

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After Totality: Eclipse Reactions Video

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse cast its shadow across the US. Sky & Telescope was there, and we captured some of your eclipse reactions.

Solar System S&T's Eclipse Stories"}'>

Experiencing Totality: S&T's Eclipse Stories

With our editors and writers scattered across the eclipse path today, here are our stories on the total solar eclipse.

A Year of Sky & Telescope for only $14.95

With a subscription to Sky & Telescope you'll always know what's coming next of astronomical note — and a whole lot more!

New Product Showcase

Inside PixInsight from Astrophotographer Warren Keller

In astrophotographer Warren Keller's new book, Inside PixInsight (softcover $34.99, ebook $24.99), he details how to use PixInsight to produce astrophotos from the reader's own data.

Astronomy Questions & Answers

Sky & Telescope Answers Your Eclipse Questions: Part II

A few weeks ago we took to Twitter and Facebook to find out what questions you wanted answered about the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse. Now we're back with Part II of the answers!

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Planetary Video Camera from Meade Instruments

Meade Instruments introduces a new planetary video camera. The LPI-G camera ($219.95) features the AR 130 CMOS detector and can record 28 frames per second at full resolution.

Colorful Perseid fireball

alan macrobert

Perseid Meteors to Hit Their Peak This Weekend

An annual celestial sky show beloved by millions around the world should peak late this Friday and Saturday nights, the nights of August 11–12 and 12–13.

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Solar Eclipse Photography Ebook from Amazing Sky Photography

Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor Alan Dyer announces How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse ebook ($9.99). Available as PDF file and iBook from the Apple iBooks Store.

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August 7th's Partial Lunar Eclipse

Two weeks before the much-awaited solar eclipse, the Moon clips Earth's umbra to create a partial lunar eclipse visible from the Eastern Hemisphere.

Astronomy Questions & Answers

Sky & Telescope Answers Your Eclipse Questions

A few weeks ago we took to Twitter and Facebook to find out what questions you wanted answered about the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse. Now we're back with the answers!

New Product Showcase

Pluto Globe from Sky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope releases Pluto globe ($24.99). The 6-inch globe, assembled from over 125 images acquired by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, includes sixty labeled features, a freestanding base, and a 4-by-6-inch information card.

Celestial News & Events

What Kind of Solar Eclipse Will You See?

From the makers of SkySafari comes an eclipse widget that lets you see the circumstances of the August 21st solar eclipse for any location.

New Product Showcase

Budget Astrograph Telescope from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars now offers a 6" f/4 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope ($399.99). Weighing in at 12.7 pounds, it includes tube rings, mounting plate, and finderscope.

New Product Showcase

Dielectric Diagonals from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars introduces two Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star Diagonals, available in 1.25-inch ($119.99) and 2-inch ($189.99) versions. The innovative twist-tight mechanism won't mar their barrels.

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Powered USB Hubs from Deep Space Products

Deep Space Products produces the Deep Space Dock, a series of USB hubs. Available in 4- ($55), 7- ($75), and 10-port models ($95). Includes power supply and USB 3.0 cable.

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Solar Lens Converter for SLR from DayStar Filters

DayStar Filters's new Camera Quark ($1,095) hydrogen-alpha solar filter enables your Nikon or Canon DSLR to photograph the Sun's chromosphere. Includes 11⁄4-inch eyepiece adapter.

New Product Showcase

Starlight Instruments' Feather Touch Focusers

Starlight Instruments introduces two new Feather Touch focusers: the FTF1575BCR ($249) and the dual-speed FTF1575BCR-DS ($429).

Panoramic image of NEAF 2017 show floor

Product Videos & Demonstrations

NEAF 2017 Astronomy Equipment Videos

Dennis di Cicco interviews several vendors about their newest products — watch and find out full details on new lines of astronomy equipment.


Product Videos & Demonstrations

Meade Instruments Corp. at NEAF 2017

Sky & Telescope's Dennis di Cicco and Meade’s Scott Byrum look at many of the products Meade had on display at this year’s Northeast Astronomy Forum. With an eye toward the upcoming total solar eclipse, they take a detailed look at the Coronado line of affordable hydrogen-alpha solar scopes, and the…