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American Astronomical Society to Acquire Sky & Telescope

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) is acquiring Sky & Telescope magazine and its related business assets.

Radiant of the Lyrid meteor shower

Celestial News & Events

April's Lyrid Meteor Shower

The Moon gets in the way of April's Lyrid meteor shower, but it's still worth scanning the sky for the chance of fireballs.

Sky & Telescope at NEAF

People, Places, and Events

News from NEAF: The 2019 Northeast Astronomy Forum

Sky & Telescope editors reconnected with readers at NEAF, where astro-enthusiasts were treated to astro talks, activities, and equipment galore.

Astronomical Tools

Interactive Sky Chart

Find out what's in your sky tonight — create a custom map of the night sky for your location!

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All You Need to Know for Sunday's Total Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse of January 2019 promises to be a spectacle for those under clear skies in the zones of totality.

New Product Showcase

MallinCam's Live View Camera

MallinCam unveils its newest addition to the SkyRaider Video Camera series, the SkyRaider DS10c ($929.99).

New Product Showcase

Celestron's 8-Inch Astrograph

Celestron announces the newest addition to its line of ultra-fast astrographs. The 8-inch Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph ($1,699) is an f/2 optic designed exclusively for deep-sky imaging.

meteor shower

Get Ready to Greet the Geminid Meteors

Don’t miss one of the best meteor showers of the year. Catch the Geminid meteors as they peak on December 13th and 14th.

New Product Showcase

Adam Block Studios' Processing Lessons

Adam Block Studios now offers streaming video tutorials that teach astrophotographers how to use the popular image-processing software PixInsight via comprehensive and in-depth lessons. PixInsight Fundamentals ($180) is an in-depth primer of the core functionality of the powerful software package, while PixInsight Horizons ($250) discusses many advanced techniques to help you get the most out of your image data.

Science-based Q&A

The Kavli Foundation Q&A: The Extraterrestrial Next Door

Researchers discuss new signs of chemistry favorable to life at Mars, Europa, and Enceladus — plus how to probe for its presence with interplanetary missions.

New Product Showcase

Hubble Optics' UL24 Dobsonian

Hubble Optics, known for manufacturing high-quality Newtonian reflector optics, now offers the UL24, a 24-inch f/3.3 ultra-light Dobsonian ($9,500), a Newtonian reflector built for travel.

New Product Showcase

Primer of the Southern Skies

Author (and former S&T editor) Stephen James O’Meara rolls out his latest ebook Diamonds in the Sky: Discover the Stars Over Botswana ($5.98). This introductory field guide to exploring the night skies is geared towards, though not limited to, anyone considering a trip to the exceedingly dark southern skies of Botswana.

New Product Showcase

NexYZ: Celestron's New Smartphone Adapter

Celestron announces the NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter ($59.95) which allows you to use most any smartphone camera to capture the brighter solar system objects and even some deep-sky targets.

New Product Showcase

Stellarvue's New Wide-Field EP

Stellarvue's expansion of its Optimus line of 100° eyepieces introduces a new 13.5-mm Optimus 1¼-inch eyepiece ($349) that fills the void between 9 and 20 mm offerings.

Astronomy Questions & Answers

The Kavli Foundation Q&A: Astrochemistry and the Origin of Life

From serendipitous camping trips to forging international consensus on big-budget observatories, the 2018 Kavli Prize laureate discusses her personal and professional journey into the field of astrochemistry.

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Rogelio Bernal Andreo's Nightscape Tutorials

Author and elite astrophotographer Rogelio Bernal Andreo releases his latest book Notes from the Stars: Ten nightscape master classes by ten world-class night photographers ($50).

New Product Showcase

Tele Vue Optics Bandmate Filters

Tele Vue Optics teams up with filter manufacturer Astronomik to revamp its series of nebula filters for deep-sky observing. The Tele Vue Bandmate Type 2 Filters are offered in three select passbands and are offered in ¼-inch (starting at $100) and 2-inch format ($200 and up).

New Product Showcase

Southern Stars' Satellite Spotter

Southern Stars now offers an updated app for satellite observers using Apple devices. Formerly known as Satellite Safari, Orbitrack ($4.99) includes a host of new features to track the orbital path of more than 3,500 satellites.

Perseids orbit path Aug 12-13

Press Releases

"Great Show" Predicted for Perseid Meteor Peak on August 12–13

Sky & Telescope magazine predicts that the Perseid shower will be at its peak late on Sunday night, August 12th, and early morning on the 13th.