On April 8, 2024, North America will be in for a real treat: a total solar eclipse. That’s when the Moon will blot out our nearest star for lucky viewers along a narrow strip of land that stretches from central Mexico, across Texas, up through New England, and into the Canadian Maritimes. Observers across North America will see a partial eclipse, provided skies are clear.

Read an overview of the event here: The Countdown Begins for the Great North American Eclipse!

Where to View the Eclipse

Use the tool below, powered by eclipse2024.org, to find out what phases of the eclipse you'll see from locations in Central and North America. For each location, you may explore a city page with eclipse details, or open a simulator that shows exactly how the eclipse will unfold.

Powered by eclipse2024.org

Powered by eclipse2024.org

DIY Projects and Activities

Solar Eclipse Activities for Kids and Families
Enrich the eclipse experience — especially the long, partial phases — with these fun solar eclipse activities for the young and young at heart.

Exploratorium's Eclipse Activities
The Exploratorium lists a dozen hands-on, teacher-tested eclipse-themed activities for the classroom and beyond.

Low-Tech Eclipse Viewing
Here's what to do if you're caught without optics on eclipse day.

DIY: A Compact, Lightweight Solar Projection Viewer
Learn how to make a solar projection viewer for your telescope.

DIY: Make a Sun Funnel for Group Views (PDF)
Download the American Astronomical Society's instructions on making a Sun funnel to share solar views with a large crowd.

Resources from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Includes links to Astronomy Beat articles on the eclipse and eclipse-chasing, as well as Universe in the Classroom articles on teaching how and why eclipses happen.

Photographing the Eclipse

Pictures of Solar Eclipses
S&T's readers often travel great distances to stand in the Moon's shadow and record the otherworldly spectacle taking place in the sky above them. Browse through their amazing images — then capture some of your own on April 8, 2024.

Eclipse Photography Checklist
Mr. Eclipse's Fred Espenak shares his checklist — make sure you have everything you need to photograph the eclipse!

Smartphone Eclipse Photography
Planning on photographing the eclipse with your smartphone? Here are some suggestions to help make the most of it.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse
With a bit of planning and effort, almost anyone can capture the upcoming first-in-a-lifetime celestial show using only modest equipment.

7 Tips for Solar Eclipse Photography
Find seven pieces of advice for capturing a solar eclipse — plus learn how to shoot a wide-angle eclipse sequence.

Eclipse Photography: Revealing Totality in HDR
Capturing the entire brightness range of a total solar eclipse in a single exposure is beyond the capability of digital detectors, but this innovative stacking technique can pull out stunning detail in the solar corona.

How to Frame an Eclipse
There are several ways to approach eclipse photography to produce unique and memorable compositions. Here are a few suggestions.

How to Shoot Solar Eclipse Images and Videos
American Astronomical Society's tutorial on eclipse photography

Eclipse Events and Places to Stay

Sky & Telescope Events Calendar

Eclipse-related events at NationalEclipse.com

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