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ISS Eclipse

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

See Amazing Views of the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse from Space

Millions of viewers were wowed by last week’s total solar eclipse. Now, we get to see the eclipse from another angle: space.

Astronomy and Society

The Totality Experience: S&T’s Eclipse Stories

With Sky & Telescope’s editors and writers scattered across the eclipse path, we have dozens of stories to share. Here are a few.

Air-Spec, the first iteration of the instument now called ACES

Solar System

Chasing the Eclipse from the Air

A solar-imaging instrument will fly on a high-altitude aircraft to explore infrared emission from the Sun’s corona.

Solar System

Could We See the Sun Erupt on Eclipse Day?

Ejections of solar material are increasingly commonplace as the Sun’s activity ramps up. Here’s what to expect if an eruption occurs on eclipse day.

Total eclipse with Venus nearby

solar eclipse 2024


El experto en meteorología de eclipses, Jay Anderson, comparte los pronósticos a largo plazo para el día del eclipse, así como instrucciones sobre cómo consultar las previsiones del tiempo a medida que el 8 de abril se acerque.

Boy looks up through eclipse glasses, smiling

Astronomy & Observing News

Activities for Kids Before and During the Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, is the perfect opportunity to get people of all ages interested in the wonder of eclipses through art and science. Here are some activities that anyone with even a passing interest can get involved in

Total eclipse with Venus nearby

Astronomy & Observing News

What Will the Weather Be on the Day of the Total Solar Eclipse?

Eclipse weather expert Jay Anderson shares the long-range outlook for eclipse day as well as instructions on how to look at weather forecasts closer to April 8th.

Diamond Ring


How to See the Diamond Ring Effect During a Total Solar Eclipse

Here's how to safely see the "diamond ring," the dazzling burst of sunlight seen just before and after totality.

Solar eclipse series

Celestial Objects to Observe

Qué Buscar y Cuándo Durante un Eclipse Solar Total

Los fenómenos astronómicos y terrestres que no se debe perder durante el eclipse solar total del 8 de abril de 2024.

View of eclipse above an observatory

Celestial Objects to Observe

How Dark Does It Get During a Total Solar Eclipse?

Totality may not be quite as dark as nighttime, but the difference between 99% obscuration and 100% is still night and day.

diagram not to scale

Observar el Cielo

Cómos y Porqués De Los Eclipses Solares

Conviértase en un experto en eclipses para familiares y amigos en un par de minutos

solar eclipse 2024

Where Will You Be on Eclipse Day: April 8, 2024?

Does this question leave you feeling worried that you are too late to make plans? It shouldn’t!

Babylonian clay tablet recording eclipses

Celestial News & Events

How Did the Ancients Predict Eclipses? The Saros Cycle

Before the advent of computers or even a working theory of the solar system, the ancients predicted solar eclipses. How did they do it?

Baily's beads


The History of Baily’s Brilliant Beads

Discover the observations of astronomer Francis Baily as he watched sunlight bead along the lunar limb during an 1836 annular eclipse.

Cloud cover along the path of totality will be lesser toward the south

Celestial Objects to Observe

El Niño and the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

What will the ongoing El Niño event do to the chance of cloud cover along the 2024 total solar eclipse track?

Diagram of Moon-Earth orbit

Night Sky Sights

How Rare Is a Solar Eclipse?

There are two solar eclipses every year — so why are they so rare?

Celestial Objects to Observe

Eclipse Apps, Books, Videos: Resources for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Find some of our favorite resources for the April 8, 2024, solar eclipse, including apps, video explainers, children's activities, and books.

North America map showing 2023 and 2024 solar eclipse paths as well as locations of National Parks

People, Places, and Events

Where to See the Two Great North American Eclipses

The October 2023 and April 2024 solar eclipses will thrill millions of North Americans. These maps will enlighten and inspire viewers for the events to come.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Eclipse Photography: Framing the Eclipse

Here are several ideas photographers can use when shooting their next total solar eclipse.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Eclipse Photographer’s Checklist

For those preparing to photograph a total solar eclipse, Fred Espenak shares his eclipse photography checklist.