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Little Red Spot Gone?

It's still not clear what will become of Jupiter's Little Red Spot after the recent collision with its two larger siblings.

Celestial News & Events

A Particularly Dark Full Moon

Tuesday morning's total lunar eclipse made for a stunningly dark, beautiful sight.

Mount Kobau

Astronomy & Observing News

E. E. Barnard Visits Mount Kobau

The 23rd annual Mount Kobau Star Party took place from August 19th to 26th in the interior of British Columbia. As usual, a hearty group of amateur astronomers braved the elements to plumb Kobau's dark skies for astronomical treasures. And joining them this year was the spirit of Edward Emerson Barnard.

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Stargazing Basics

Four Infamous Telescope Myths

Here are some plausible-sounding ideas that turn out to be less than true.

Celestial Objects to Observe

A Pair of Grand Galaxies

If you think all galaxies are faint, fuzzy blobs, think again. Here are two easily-seen galaxies that will change your mind.

Celestial News & Events

Leonids '02: A Sprinkle in the Moonlight

Norwegian amateur Jarle Aasland caught this 2002 Leonid streaking past the bright star Aldebaran in Taurus, the Bull, at 4:57 UT on November 19th. He used a Nikon D100 (digital SLR) set to ISO 800 and a 5-second exposure.Courtesy Jarle Aasland. I arrived at the Sky & Telescope offices this…

Astronomy & Observing News

Two Fine Western Star Parties

Summer star-party season is in high gear. Among the events held on the weekend of July's dark of the Moon were two premier annual gatherings — one in Washington State and another in British Columbia, Canada.

Celestial News & Events

Jupiter Visits the Beehive

During March and April, the open cluster M44 in Cancer is easy to find — just look for it beside brilliant Jupiter.

Astronomy & Observing News

Jupiter Observers On Alert

This image by Maurizio Di Sciullo, taken January 12th at 03:45 UT with a 10-inch Excelsior Optics E-258 Newtonian reflector, reveals what John McAnally says 'may be the beginning of the disruption of south temperate oval BA on Jupiter.' Jupiter is without doubt the most dynamic planet for amateur astronomers.…