People, Places, and Events

IAU Conference Draws to a Close

In the final days of the IAU conference, Jay Pasachoff reports on talks about black holes and exoplanets, and a redefinition of the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Jay Pasachoff and local Chinese students

Solar System

Science All Around at the IAU

Jay Pasachoff blogs about his experience at the second week of IAU's General Assembly in Beijing, taking in talks on everything from the age of the universe to the history of sunspots.

People, Places, and Events

Astro-Sightseeing in Inner Mongolia

A break from the IAU's two-week-long General Assembly provided an opportunity to tour a radio observatory dedicated to solar research — and to find a surprising statue in the city of Ming'antu.

History and Sky Lore

Running Around China and the IAU

Pluto, quasars, and total solar eclipses over Easter Island were just a few of the topics that came up at the close of the first week of the international astronomy conference in Beijing.

People, Places, and Events

IAU Readies for Conference

Stay tuned as astronomer Jay Pasachoff reports from the upcoming International Astronomical Union conference in Beijing, China.

Astronomy & Observing News

Solar Flares Aren't What They Seemed

Recent data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory show that solar flares are more powerful than they were previously thought to be.

Astronomy & Observing News

Sun's Corona Puts a Twist on Its Pitches

The Sun not only throws blobs of hot gas at Earth, it also puts a spin on them.