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This Week's Sky at a Glance, April 12 – 21

This Week's Sky at a Glance, April 12 – 21

Jupiter is easy to spot, shining low in the west at nightfall. Near it are Uranus and Comet Pons-Brooks, tougher catches that require binoculars or a wide-field telescope — and some finding skills.

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April Podcast: Planets in Transition

Sky Tour Podcast

April’s evening skies offer plenty of stars to check out. However, aside from Jupiter low in the west, planets are in short supply. Our latest Sky Tour podcast helps you track down Mars, Saturn, and much during April’s pleasant nights.

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My Stellar Love Affair with the Pleiades

My Stellar Love Affair with the Pleiades

When we observe the little wonders of the sky, we can form deep personal connections.

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Our Community

Astronomers often spend their time lost among the stars, but the science of astronomy and the hobby of stargazing are also communal affairs. So, don’t be a stranger—find a group to get involved with today!

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Issue Highlights

  • Stellar Autopsies

    Camille M. Carlisle

  • Distant Lights in the Darkness

    Fabio Pacucci

  • Chasing the Magic

    Marybeth Kiczenski